Why Even Women Sometimes Opt for a Shaved Head

If you think that head shaving is only for men, you may be terribly wrong. Lately, we see a lot of women with shaved heads in television and other media and even in some fashion circles (Kanye West’s ex girlfriend).

Nowadays, in most parts of the world, women head shaving is not considered a taboo or ‘freak’ thing in society. However, if a woman makes up her mind to shave her head, she should have the ability to carry herself with confidence; otherwise, it can become a big fashion blunder. This is a major reason why many women do not attempt it, although it can be a very liberating and powerful feeling.

So, what prompts women to shave their heads and how on earth can women gather up the courage to get rid of their long beautiful hair? Actually, there are a number of reasons for this trend.

Convenience is one of the key factors responsible for this growing trend head shaving on women. Very short hair or fully shaved heads are much easier to maintain than a head full of long hair. Since long hair is prone to damage due to split ends, hair experts often advise women to shave their heads completely at least once a year. This simple strategy not only gets them rid of weak and messy hair, but the re-grown hair has much better texture and is much stronger than the current hair.

There are large numbers of hair and scalp problems that women can get rid of by just shaving their heads. For instance; many women often complain about dandruff and scalp itching. They can effectively deal with these problems by regularly shaving off their hair completely or by keeping very short hair. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about hot and humid weather as your scalp can breathe more efficiently without long hair.

Additionally, women who shave their head usually do so for career advancement, particularly in regards to roles in tv and movies. Many roles require women to appear more aggressive or cutting edge, and nothing says that more than a shaved head! In fact, women with shaved heads can just come off way more confident than women who waste a lot of time keeping and maintaining their hair.

Sheet Sander Reviews – Helping You Make The Right Choice

Sheet sanders are designed to use a portion of a regular sheet of sandpaper, usually mounted with locking clips or pads. Some models do require the use of special paper with Velcro backing or even self-stick paper, but most allow the user to select from any type of sandpaper, and cut the sheets down to size. Because a sheet sander is a vibrating sander, it is important that the sander be moved along the grain of the wood, as going across the grain can result in scratching or gouging of the wood surface.

A sheet sander tends to be less expensive than a random orbit sander, and has the advantage of using readily available common sandpaper. In most cases, the size of the sander is indicated by how much paper it uses, such as the 1/2 sheet sander, the 1/3 sheet sander, and the 1/4 sheet sander. In some circumstances, sheets must be cut to a specified shape, such as with the 4″ sheet sander.

Dewalt Sheet Sanders

Many sheet finishing sanders, such as the DeWalt and Milwaukee models, feature dust recovery bags or canisters. This allows the removal or grit and dust from the work area, and offers the user a cleaner environment both for working and breathing.

Makita Sheet Sanders

Most Makita sheet sanders are designed expressly as a finishing tool. They are available in 1/4, 1/2, and 1/3 sheet sizes, and engineered to leave a smooth, polished appearance to wood, plastic, and polished stone or tile. Makita’s industrial reputation makes these sanders a common site in cabinetry shops and construction areas, and the affordable price makes them popular with home woodworking enthusiasts.

Porter Cable Sheet Sanders

Porter Cable sheet sanders feature the dual dust ports that allow easy connection of vacuum devices, a trait that is rare among other manufacturers. The dust filtration process works to remove dust directly from the surface being sanded, giving you more control and a higher degree of accuracy in the finished product.

Bosch Sheet Sander

Bosch improves on the dust collection design with through-the-pad filtration. This type of system actively removes dust as it is created, and offers users one of the cleanest sanding experiences available. This makes it a great tool for work in confined areas, or as a tool to use in general contracting jobs.

Pneumatic Sheet Sanders

Drywall companies have known for years that a pneumatic sheet sander can save huge amounts of time in finishing drywall. Several different companies offer great sheet sanders, including pneumatic leaders such as Chicago, Cooper, and Campbell Hausfeld.

Wanna to know more about different kinds of sanders like belt sander, disc sander, DA sanders and others woodworking tools? ToolsPost is a cool site to review different kinds of power and hand tools available in online.

Electric Scooter Bike! Should You Buy One?

Electric scooter bike is a very new concept in the modern vehicular market. If you do a little research on the internet for this electric scooter you will find many nice options available for purchasing.

Some of them are:

1) 2 wheeler electric scooters

2) 3 wheeler electric scooters

3) 4 wheeler electric scooters

4) Electric scooter bikes

5) Electric wheelchairs

The basic principle behind all these models is the same. The heart of the entire system is a battery that gives power to an electric motor to drive the wheels. Depending upon the size and shape of the model, the power of the battery and the electric motor changes.

An electric scooter bike is nothing but a modified version of the electric scooter itself, specifically designed for teenage boys so that it feels like a real motorcycle. However, the power generated by an electric scooter bike is much less than a standard gas-powered motorcycle.

Most electric scooter bikes have two wheels and an aerodynamic body that looks exactly like a real motorcycle. Electric scooter bikes are becoming popular amongst teenagers because of their ease in handling and ease in maintaining them too. Electric bikes also have a low running cost as compared to a real bike powered by a gas engine.

It is a perfect solution for college students who don’t want to waste their time in city traffic jams. A student who is studying using a college scholarship will love these money saving machines. If you have decided to buy an electric scooter bike for your teenager son make sure you first read the electric scooter reviews written by real customers. These kind of reviews can save your lots of time and money giving you the real behind the scenes information.

Electric Scooter Brands: How To Find The Best one?

Just like any other market competition, the electric scooter market has many brands available today. The Internet has made it easier to search the marketplace easily with the comfort of your home to find out the best electric scooter brands available. What are the criteria that decide the best brands? It is difficult to decide this because no particular model or item can solve your 100% problems. However, an item or a model that satisfies most of your needs on an emotional level can be called as a successful product. This is true with not just electric scooters but any item like pro stunt scooter you can buy online or in the real world.

When it comes to deciding the best electric scooter brands you can consider the following checklist:

1) Does the manufacturer has a reputable name in the market?

2) How old is the company?

3) Do they have a network of service stations around the country? Servicing a vehicle is a very important issue.

4) How many models do they currently sell?

5) What’s their average customer rating? (Very important)

This a short list of question you must seek answers to while you do research for buying an electric scooter. It is extremely important to read customer reviews before you decide on a particular electric scooter brand.

Electric Scooter Brands for Adults

Electric scooters for adults are a really cool invention. They are a perfect little run around if you need to nip to the shop for some milk or a paper and you don’t want to get your car out the garage. An electric motor scooter for adults is also great for people who want to care for the environment. No point using a gas guzzling car on a short trip if you can use your electric kick scooter right?

The reason I decided to buy one of these great scooters though was because I’m lazy and I wanted to spend more time with the grandkids. Whilst they are whizzing around on their bikes I wanted to be able to keep up and I didn’t want to break a sweat so I bought a great little scooter that had a seat. This means I can take the kids to the park or the woods and keep up. You should see their faces when they are racing their old grandpa. We have an absolute blast!

My Top Picks Adult Scooter Brand

Super Turbo 800watt 36v Electric Scooter

The super turbo 800W is the top rated adult electric scooter on the internet. It is great for any adult up to 300LBs! Its 800w 36volt motor can reach speeds on 25 miles per hour and above. The latest model also has an economy mode for longer trips and a turbo mode for those crazy people who want to go faster! (Isn’t that all of us!!!)

The 3 12v 12ah LifePo4 battery lasts for a whopping 18 miles so going to and from the gym or shop is no problem at all. This can easily be stored away and also has a removable seat /post that is extremely comfortable. There is also front and rear suspension to ensure that you have a really comfortable ride. The tires are large air inflatable tires with supreme grip and the kit comes complete with a charger, saddle storage bag and even a headlight set. Upgrades are also available if you want to kit it out with brakes lights, mirrors and other accessories.

If you decide to buy this for yourself, partner or friend you really will not be disappointed.

Kids Electric Scooter Brand

Electric scooters for kids are an excellent birthday gift for children who enjoy outdoor sports and love to have adventures. If your child is getting older and you want to gift him a toy that he will truly enjoy and make use of, electric scooters are a wise choice.

Whether you talk about girls or boys, children mostly love wheeled toys and riding on bicycles. Electric scooters are getting more popular these days as compared to bicycles since these double up the excitement and thrill of riding. There is no doubt your child will love these exciting and fun electric scooters listed below. We have picked up the best brands and models for you so you can choose the perfect electric scooter your child will cherish.

There is always a time in a child’s life when he wants to learn how to ride a bike. Riding an electric scooter is definitely an important milestone in your child’s life. After he has mastered riding a bicycle without training wheels, it is time you move to the next step and gift him an electric scooter to have some more thrills and adventures. It will make it more fun and exciting for your child to go to places like school or a friend’s house on his scooter.

Electric scooters for kids are also perfect for children to make them more active and encourage them to indulge in outdoor sports. If your child sits in front of the TV most of the day, a good way to stimulate him would gift him an exciting and delightful electric scooter.

How to buy electric scooters for kids?

When you are buying electric scooters for kids, it is important to consider a few factors and decide according to what is best for your child.

Basically, electric scooters come in different types. One is the conventional scooter in which the child has to stand and ride with a battery underneath the scooter. The other is the scooter with a seat where a child can sit comfortably. Another is the motorized electric scooter. Find out what your child will love to have. Usually, the conventional standing scooter is the best since it makes the ride more thrilling.

My Top Pick Kids Scooter Brand

Razor E300 Electric Scooter

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter is suitable for the ages of 12yrs and up, and since it can carry up to 220lbs, the whole family can enjoy a ride on it.

It is capable of speeds of up to 15 miles per hour, has a super-sized deck for safe riding and a hand operated rear brake for easy stopping. Teens will love this scooter and with its quiet chain-driven motor, the neighbors will be happy as well! It has extra-wide 10-inch pneumatic front and rear tires to ensure a smooth ride and give up to 45 minutes of continuous use on one charge.

It comes in blue or black and includes two 12 volt batteries, battery charger and tools

Electric Scooter Safety

Staying safe on the road is key when riding your scooter. Here are a few tips for safe scooter riding:

1. Wear a helmet. You may think you don’t need one, but you do. Whether you are on a bike, a motorcycle or a scooter, you must protect your head.

2. Use your turn signals. It’s key to let other drivers know where you’re going.

3. Wear protective gear. Leather jacket, gloves, reflective clothing at night. You don’t want road rash. You don’t want a motorist to miss you at night.

4. Keep your scooter in good shape. Maintenance is important. Make sure everything is working properly before you ride.

5. Take a motorcycle safety course. It may not be required in your state to get a license, but it is worth it.


Since you’re visiting my HOW TO YODEL post, I assume that you are a yodel fan…or you’re looking for a way to surprise your family and friends and want to learn how to yodel. I started yodeling in 2004 and can say that it’s great fun! Just before that I was having a difficult time in life and needed something happy to focus on. While sitting at my computer designing one piece of art or another the thought popped into my head…”Terry, you are going to learn how to yodel!”. And – I did.

Yodeling is great fun and, if you can a least carry a tune in a bucket, you can get started right away. (Actually you can yodel just as well out of tune, but you risk alienating your loved ones.) The secret to yodeling is learning how to find the “break” in your voice. I’ll talk more about that later. Once you do that, all you have to do is start practicing by singing along with yodel recordings. If you’re lucky enough to be a musician and can play an instrument (I’m not and can’t) then you’re on your way to being star yodeler.

I’m not a performer and I’m content to yodel just for myself and the cows in the nearby fields. (Now that I think about it the farmer next door put his cows in a field further away from my house…hmmmmm.) At my age (57) it’s unlikely that it’ll go farther than my own backyard at least until the neighbors start complaining about weird sounds coming from my place. In the meantime, I yodel every day to and from work, and whenever the mood strikes.

Have fun to learn how to yodel.


There are two basic kinds of yodeling that are popular. The first is Alpine yodeling (jodeln, jodler, jodel, if you’re searching for Swiss and German yodeling). Alpine yodeling originated in Switzerland and the countries surrounding the Alps. It’s thought that it started as a way to communicate across the high mountains and slowly developed into a musical form. Popular musical alpine yodeling started to be really developed in the 1800’s. It had swung in popularity through the following years. Alpine yodeling can be quite varied and complex.

Cowyboy yodeling started in the USA after we began developing the western part of our country. Cowboy/country singers became popular in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Jimmy Rogers, often called The Father of Country Music, is also credited with establishing the popularity of yodeling. Cowboy yodeling is often more simple than Alpine yodeling, but a talented cowboy yodeler can come up with a yodel to compete with the best alpine versions. Each style has it’s simple yodel and those yodels that leave you breathless at the range and dexterity of the yodel.

Once you learn how to achieve the “break” from your chest voice to your head voice you will most likely be able to yodel in either style. Try a lot of different yodeling, you’ll find the style that’s right for you. Then you’re on the road to yodeling fun!


The first thing you have to learn is how to “break” your voice. Don’t worry, it’s not painful at all. In fact it a very pleasant sensation. Everybody has a natural break in his or her voice as it moves from low register sounds (these sounds come from your chest) to higher sounds (sounds made in your head). If you don’t have a “break”, it’s not a yodel. Professional singers work hard to eliminate this break in order to transition smoothly from low to high registers and back again. Guys have an advantage in that we all experienced this break around the age of 12 or 13 (you remember…”Oh Mo-O-om”).

You can find your break by singing a high note from the head voice (falsetto) and sustain that note as you move down to a lower note in the chest. ( LISTEN ) At some point midway, you’ll feel a “catch” or “break”. If that doesn’t work, try starting in the low voice and move up to a falsetto. You might not experience a strong break, but take notice of that little jump from high to low (or vice versa). This is the feeling you’ll want to develop as you start practicing and singing along with yodeling songs.

Kerry Christensen, In his U 2 Can Yodel CD recommends practicing a “wolf cry” in order to develop your break. Wylie Gustafson has one of the best methods I’ve heard that helps you develop that break. Check out his Learn to Yodel CD below.

(For those of you who MUST KNOW…the “break” is created by the epiglottis, a flap at the back of your tongue that prevents you from inhaling food when you eat. For more details and pictures…do you really want to see an epiglottis?…go here


Now it’s time to YODEL! Start with any mid-range note in your chest using the sound “oh”. Now jump up to a high note in your head using the sound “ou” (that’s “you” without the “y”). ( LISTEN ) Once you have this down pat, all you have to do is practice, practice, practice. I recommend you get some yodeling recordings and practice by singing along. Check out my links in this lens or start searching on our own. That’s how I learned!

(For those of you who are musically inclined, the range from one yodel note to another is usually described as a 5th. That is often the case, but really anything goes. I’ve seen and heard 3rds, 6ths, up to octaves and higher. In fact, there’s also the “sideways yodel” in which you create the break between two sounds of the same note. It’s tough to do but sounds very cool.)


I learned how to yodel using Kerry Christensen’s U 2 CAN YODEL cd. He teaches in the alpine style of yodeling. KERRY CHRISTENSEN is a contemporary yodeler ( one of the few who performs full-time in the USA) who does both Alpine and Cowboy yodeling. He is absolutely amazing and he’s got to be one of the fastest yodelers around. All of Kerry’s recordings are terrific.

Wylie Gustafson’s yodeling is among the best you’ll hear. His band is called Wylie and the Wild West and he has a cocky cowboy sound that’s great fun to listen to and his yodel is pure and clear. His HOW TO YODEL book and cd are great fun and you WILL learn how to yodel. Be sure to get his “Total Yodel” Cd. The songs are mostly traditional cowboy yodel songs but also included are some that Wylie wrote himself. My favorite is Yodeling Fool. It’s fast and funny and showcases Wylie’s talent very well.

For fun – Mary Schneider is the “Australia’s Queen Of Yodelling)”. Some may call her the “queen of kisch” as her most popular CD is “Yodelling The Classics…The Complete Collection”. You will either love or hate Mary’s efforts depending on your appreciation of yodeling. My guess is since you are the yodeling freak that you are (otherwise, why would you be reading this?), you will love her. I think it’s pure genius to put yodeling to the classics and Mary does it beautifully. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


It pays to use a variety of words to search for yodels on eBay! or anywhere for that matter. Be sure you are familiar with and use the different spellings and forms (including the German form) of “yodeling”. For example, Americans will spell the word “yodeling” while many sellers from England and Australia will spell the word “yodeling”. Also be aware of the European (German) spellings: jodel, jodler, jodeln. Including these spellings in your search will enhance your options.

When beginning your search, be sure to select the “worldwide” option. Most great (but not all) yodel recordings will come from Miriam Music Singunterricht St Gallen Germany, Austria, Switzerland, etc. It helps also to include regions that are known for yodels (i.e. Tyrol, Bavaria, etc.).

Learn To Yodel by Cathy Fink and Tod Whittemore

This course has been around for a while and I suspect it’s the one that Taylor Ware used when she learned how to yodel. Apparently, Bette Midler used it many years ago to learn how to yodel for her ill-fated movie JINXED. That yodel at the opening of the movie was the only good thing about it. It’s my number three choice ( after U 2 CAN YODEL and HOW TO YODEL) because, while you certainly can learn how to yodel using it, I didn’t find the instructions fun and they were too formal for my taste. But then, I’m just doing this for the fun or it and I’m pretty sure that America’s Got Talent is not going to come knocking on my door looking for a yodeler. For those of you who are musicians, the book includes tabs and musical notation so that might be a plus for you. The “book” that I got is a spiral bound photocopy. Still, you can learn how to yodel from this course. (No tricks on how to find your “break.)

Super Bowl Rings

After the sweat, blood and tears of a winning NFL Football season, the Super Bowl Champions deserve the ultimate personal trophy, the Super Bowl Ring. These rings are massive in scale, gaudy, loud and proud. Love it or loathe it, the championship ring is a winner. Take a look below to find great Super Bowl Ring facts, memorabilia and more. Are you a Philadelphia Eagles Fan? if yes watch eagles game online.

Super Bowl XLV Ring

by Jostens

Feb. 6, 2011
Cowboys Stadium
Arlington, TX

MVP: Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers – 31
Pittsburgh Steelers – 25

Super Bowl XLIV Ring

by Tiffany & Co.

Feb. 7, 2010
Sun Life Stadium
Miami Gardens, Florida

MVP: Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints

New Orleans Saints 31
Indianapolis Colts 17

Super Bowl XLIII Ring

by Jostens

Feb. 1, 2009
Raymond James Stadium
Tampa, Florida

MVP: Santonio Holmes, WR, Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Steelers 27
Arizona Cardinals 23

Super Bowl XLII Ring

by Tiffany and Co.

Feb. 3, 2008
U. of Phoenix Stadium
Glendale, Arizona

MVP: Eli Manning, QB, New York
New York Giants 17
New England Patriots 14

Super Bowl XLI Ring

Feb. 4, 2007
Dolphin Stadium
Miami, Florida

MVP: Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis
Indianapolis Colts 29
Chicago Bears 17

Super Bowl XL Ring

by Jostens

Feb. 5, 2006
Ford Field
Detroit, Michigan

MVP: Hines Ward, WR, Pittsburgh
Seattle Seahawks 10
Pittsburgh Steelers 21

Super Bowl XXXIX Ring

by Jostens

Feb. 6, 2005
Alltel Stadium
Jacksonville, Florida

MVP: Deion Branch, WR, New England
New England Patriots 24
Philadelphia Eagles 21

Super Bowl XXXVIII Ring

by Jostens

Feb. 1, 2004
Reliant Stadium
Houston, Texas

MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England
Carolina Panthers 29
New England Patriots 32

Super Bowl XXXVII Ring

Jan. 26, 2003
Qualcomm Stadium
San Diego, California

MVP: Dexter Jackson, FS, Tampa Bay
Oakland Raiders 21
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48

Super Bowl Rings 2001 – 1993

Super Bowls XXXVI – XXVIII

Super Bowl XXXVI – Feb. 3, 2002, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Tom Brady, QB, New England, St. Louis Rams 17 – New England Patriots 20

Super Bowl XXXV – Jan. 28, 2001, Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
MVP: Ray Lewis, LB, Baltimore, Baltimore Ravens 34 – New York Giants 7

Super Bowl XXXIV – Jan. 30, 2000, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
MVP: Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis, St. Louis Rams 23 – Tennessee Titans 16

Super Bowl XXXIII – Jan. 31, 1999, Pro Player Stadium, Miami, Florida
MVP: John Elway, QB, Denver, Denver Broncos 34 – Atlanta Falcons 19

Super Bowl XXXII – Jan. 25, 1998, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California
MVP: Terrell Davis, RB, Denver, Green Bay Packers 24 – Denver Broncos 31

Super Bowl XXXI – Jan. 26, 1997, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Desmond Howard, KR-PR, Green Bay, New England Patriots 21 – Green Bay Packers 35

Super Bowl XXX – Jan. 28, 1996, Sun Devil Stadium, Tempe, Arizona
MVP: Larry Brown, CB, Dallas, Dallas Cowboys 27 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

Super Bowl XXIX – Jan. 29, 1995, Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida
MVP: Steve Young, QB, San Francisco, San Diego Chargers 26 – San Francisco 49ers 49

Super Bowl XXVIII – Jan. 30, 1994, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia
MVP: Emmitt Smith, RB, Dallas, Dallas Cowboys 30 – Buffalo Bills 13

Super Bowl Rings 1992 – 1984

Super Bowls XXVII – XIX

Super Bowl XXVII – Jan. 31, 1993, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
MVP: Troy Aikman, QB, Dallas, Buffalo Bills 17 – Dallas Cowboys 52

Super Bowl XXVI – Jan. 26, 1992, Metrodome, Minneapolis, Minnesota
MVP: Mark Rypien, QB, Washington, Washington Redskins 37 – Buffalo Bills 24

Super Bowl XXV – Jan. 27, 1991, Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida
MVP: Ottis Anderson, RB, New York, Buffalo Bills 19 – New York Giants 20

Super Bowl XXIV – Jan. 28, 1990, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco, San Francisco 49ers 55 – Denver Broncos 10

Super Bowl XXIII – Jan. 22, 1989, Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, Florida
MVP: Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco, Cincinnati Bengals 16 – San Francisco 49ers 20

Super Bowl XXII – Jan. 31, 1988, Jack Murphy Stadium, San Diego, California
MVP: Doug Williams, QB, Washington, Washington Redskins 42 – Denver Broncos 10

Super Bowl XXI – Jan. 25, 1987, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
MVP: Phil Simms, QB, New York, Denver Broncos 20 – New York Giants 39

Super Bowl XX – Jan. 26, 1986, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Richard Dent, DE, Chicago, Chicago Bears 46 – New England Patriots 10

Super Bowl XIX – Jan. 20, 1985, Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, California
MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco, Miami Dolphins 16 – San Francisco 49ers 38

Super Bowl Rings 1983 – 1975

Super Bowls XVIII – X

Super Bowl XVIII – Jan. 22, 1984, Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida
MVP: Marcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles, Washington Redskins 9 – Los Angeles Raiders 38

Super Bowl XVII – Jan, 30, 1983, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
MVP: John Riggins, RB, Washington, Miami Dolphins 17 – Washington Redskins 27

Super Bowl XVI – Jan. 24, 1982, Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac, Michigan
MVP: Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco, San Francisco 49ers 26 – Cincinnati Bengals 21

Super Bowl XV – Jan. 25, 1981, Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland, Oakland Raiders 27 – Philadelphia Eagles 10

Super Bowl XIV – Jan. 20, 1980, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
MVP: Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles Rams 19 – Pittsburgh Steelers 31

Super Bowl XIII – Jan. 21, 1979, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers 35 – Dallas Cowboys 31

Super Bowl XII – Jan. 15, 1978, Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
co-MVP:Randy White, DT, Dallas & Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas, Dallas Cowboys 27 – Denver Broncos 10

Super Bowl XI – Jan. 9, 1977, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California
MVP: Fred Biletnikoff, WR, Oakland, Oakland Raiders 32 – Minnesota Vikings 14

Super Bowl X – Jan. 18, 1976, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Lynn Swann, WR, Pittsburgh, Dallas Cowboys 17 – Pittsburgh Steelers 21

Super Bowl Rings 1974 – 1966

Super Bowls IX – I

Super Bowl IX – Jan. 12, 1975, Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Franco Harris, RB, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Steelers 16 – Minnesota Vikings 6

Super Bowl VIII – Jan. 13, 1974, Rice Stadium, Houston, Texas
MVP: Larry Csonka, RB, Miami, Minnesota Vikings 7 – Miami Dolphins 24

Super Bowl VII – Jan. 14, 1973, Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
MVP: Jake Scott, S, Miami, Miami Dolphins 14 – Washington Redskins 7

Super Bowl VI – Jan. 16, 1972, Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas, Dallas Cowboys 24 – Miami Dolphins 3

Super Bowl V – Jan. 17, 1971, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Chuck Howley, LB, Dallas, Baltimore Colts 16 – Dallas Cowboys 13

Super Bowl IV – Jan. 11, 1970, Tulane Stadium, New Orleans, Louisiana
MVP: Len Dawson, QB, Kansas City, Minnesota Vikings 7 – Kansas City Chiefs 23

Super Bowl III – Jan. 12, 1969, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Joe Namath, QB, New York, New York Jets 16 – Baltimore Colts 7

Super Bowl II – Jan. 14, 1968, Orange Bowl, Miami, Florida
MVP: Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay, Green Bay Packers 33 – Oakland Raiders 14

Super Bowl I – Jan. 15, 1967, Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California
MVP: Bart Starr, QB, Green Bay, Kansas City Chiefs 10 – Green Bay Packers 35

Does Your NFL Team Have a Super Bowl Ring?

I’m from the town of the Super Bowl team
They are the Pittsburgh Steelers

Sing it with me now…

Okay, all seriousness aside, let everyone know how many Super Bowl rings your team has. Let’s see that would be… 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for my team.

Activities For The Maintenance of Vertical Gardens

When installing a green wall, you must take into account that for your care, you must perform some tasks for the maintenance of gardens, to keep it in good condition and plants to develop well.

The maintenance of vertical gardens may resemble that of common gardens, since in times of autumn and winter, the plants may deteriorate a little, causing the leaves to discolor and fall. The sun is also an important factor to consider, since the garden should be located on a wall that can receive the ideal amount in each season.

This simple work makes garden maintenance a tool for plants to last much longer. Preventing the development of them from becoming out of control due to lack of attention.

On the other hand, to choose the surface. It must be taken into account which species are going to be cultivated, looking for the one that suits more. A good recycling option is coconut fiber, as it is very light and gives plants the nutrients needed to grow.

You also have to determine the amount of light that plants receive. As there are some species that need sunlight much more. Especially those that give flowers. While others need indirect light.

Another factor to consider in the maintenance of gardens is the amount of air. That circulates in the wall of the vertical garden. So that the plants grow in a healthy way. Besides the roots will not only need water for the plant to develop, but also good aeration, to become stronger and more numerous.

Maintenance of vertical gardens that should be performed

Maintenance of Vertical Gardens

Prune the foliage:

This action should be done every one or three months, depending on how many the plants grow. It is important to perform this pruning because when there is a lot of foliage, many pests can appear, damaging and infecting the plants of harmful diseases. In addition, the excess of foliage makes that the aesthetic aspect of the garden decreases.

To avoid this, it is necessary to carry out a pruning of the foliage, removing the damaged leaves and keeping the stems of the desired size, avoid occupying space of the other species.

Prune the roots:

This is another of the activities necessary in the maintenance of gardens, which should be done by cutting the strong roots, which tend to grow rapidly. The idea is to prune excess roots, which can take space and oxygen away from other plants. This is a work that is recommended to do once a year by best chainsaws, depending on the plant.


Another task in the maintenance of gardens, which can be done directly adding the fertilizer in grains to each plant; or by adding soluble fertilizers to the leaves. These nutrients should managed according to the species of the plant and what you need to grow or flourish.

Replace withered plants:

If any of the plants dies it is necessary to replace it and change the substrate immediately, so that the new plant can develop well.

Control pests and diseases:

In the maintenance of vertical gardens, we must be very attentive to possible pests that may appear, since the roots are a little more exposed and may also be affected. To prevent the appearance of pests or insects can be placed biological controllers to move away other harmful insects.

Another good option is to plant aromatic herbs, as they usually act as a repellent for pests and insects, keeping your garden vertical protected.

Spindle Sander Reviews – Everything There Is To Know About Spindle Sander Tool

A spindle sander was once found mounted on a large worktable, but modern versions can be carried from place to place, or even used is a manner similar to a detail sander. They are used for sanding the edges of circular patterns or other shapes. Where the ordinary spindle is a stationary tube or rod, an oscillating spindle sander moves the tube and down in a regular motion as you sand, which helps to remove dust and grit and provides more even performance.

Jet Spindle Sanders

One of the best known is the Jet spindle sander, which uses a variety of sanding tubes to aid in performing different sanding tasks. But be prepared to pay for the superb quality of the Jet name, as they tend to be priced among the higher-end models. If nothing but the very best will do for your projects, this may be the model you are looking for.

Ridgid Spindle Sanders

The Ridgid spindle sander is a popular model. It features a large, stable table, similar to the top of a table saw, which provides a level surface for moving about large, unevenly shaped pieces. And of course being backed by the Ridgid name means it is engineered for high production usage. Being portable makes the brand even more attractive, as it can be transported to a job site instead of bringing the job back to your shop.

Porter Cable Spindle Sanders

One of the right sanders for your purpose is the Porter Cable spindle sander. The company offers an oscillating spindle sander that is priced comparably to stationary spindles, but outperforms the stationary models for almost every application. In hand-held power tools, Porter Cable is among the top-selling brands on the market, and the company’s tools are built for high-production environments.

Ryobi Spindle Sanders

Another model recognized for its quality and high durability is the Ryobi spindle sander. Ryobi has been a market leader in sander, grinders and other hand-held cutting tools for many years, and their oscillating spindle sander is a good example of why the company’s name is such a common sight on construction jobs.

Grizzly Sanders

One of the more innovative makers of spindle sanders, the grizzly spindle sander is available in stationary and oscillating table models, plus an assortment of other models, including an ingenious modified belt sander that can be used for many spindle sander operations. Built for the home do-it-yourself enthusiast, Grizzly products are built to be useful without taking up your entire workshop.

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