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Wine Refrigerator Reviews and Tips

What are the best under counter wine cooler? For those who are not aware of what a wine refrigerator is, it is a storage device meant to keep wine at a standard temperature suitable for serving. Wines can be stored in these wine refrigerators even for a long period of time, and these devices enable you to serve wine at an optimum temperature which can be anywhere between 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another storage medium for wines is a wine cellar, but people prefer a wine refrigerator over cellar because these are excellent, less expensive substitutes meant for the same purpose and it is easy for people to own a refrigerator instead of a whole cellar. Wine refrigerators are manufactures in such a way that the temperatures are always maintained between a standard range and do not fluctuate. This is a characteristic of wine refrigerators created by quality manufacturers. There are various known names in the field of quality wine refrigerator manufacturers and more information regarding these brands and the models of wine refrigerators can be found easily on the internet. High quality wine refrigerators have features such as Ultra violet radiation protection and tints, anti-vibration mechanism and humidity control etc. These features make these particular models stand out from the rest significantly.

Types: Wine refrigerators also vary on the capacity of wine bottles that they can accommodate at one time. You can select the perfect one according to your needs and requirements. For commercial and hotel usage, generally wine refrigerators with a larger capacity are preferred. You will also find wine refrigerators varying in shapes, from square ones to long, elegant looking rectangular pillar ones. Some function on the compressor while the others use the thermoelectric mechanism of temperature control.

Leading manufacturers of wine refrigerators: Some of the top, leading manufacturers of wine refrigerators are Eurocave, Vinotemp, Sunpentown, Whynter, Koolatron, EdgeStar and the Wine Enthusiast etc.

Vinotemp is a much more recognized and popular name in quality wine refrigeration. There are quite a few models out, varying in capacity, size and features. Here is a review on the VT-28TEDS. This model consists of attractive double paned glass doors, it works on the thermoelectric mechanism of temperature control, has a quality digital display for the current temperature, the maximum capacity is 28 bottles and is therefore ideal for collectors at home, it has a gleaming silver exterior, and an interior blue light which makes it a treat to look at.

Deals on various different brands and types of wine refrigerators can be easily and conveniently found on websites and retailers online, you must make sure that you are purchasing the authentic brand, which is why you should always consult authorized dealers before finalizing a purchase. The price range varies with additional capacity, quality, brand and features.

Two of the most renowned wine refrigirators are the Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Wine Cooler, Platinum with Lock and the Sunpentown WC-1271 ThermoElectric 12-Bottle Slim Wine Cooler.

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