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The Best Low Cost Electric Space Heaters

So, you are looking for the best low cost Electric Space Heater, right ? Just keep in mind the phrase ” low cost ”. Most of the reviews provide you some crap “cheap” heaters list, which is no good at all for your purpose. Then, what you need actually? “The best value of your money” + “Quality heaters”. Okay! I can solve this equation. Just take a look on below list. Remember, I spent almost 10 days and nights to build this list after researching a lot over the market, consumers and experts.

Low Cost Electric Space Heater Reviews

1. Lifesmart Ultimate Quartz 8 Element 1800

For heating a large space, the Lifesmart Ultimate Quartz 8 Element is the best infrared heater you can buy. Lifesmart claims it will heat an 1800 square foot home. You know this is just marketing bull crap. However, for heating a 400 Square foot living room, it works great. This heater is amazing. You can’t get more heat out of 120 volts than this one. We only use the high setting when it gets below zero outside. The cheaper Lifesmart 1500 6 element version should work almost as good. Lifesmart is half the price of the over-hyped Eden Pure.

Lifesmart Ultimate Quartz 8 Element 1800

2. Dr. Infrared Quartz + PTC

Dr. Infrared Quartz + PTC

Another cabinet type heater that really kicks out the heat. Features a combination of quartz and PTC elements. The Hype: The Dr. Heater advanced dual heating systems increase the heat transfer rate, and evenly heats your space up to 1,000 square feet, and produces 60% more heat than the other models in the market. Tests Show Dr. Heater Heats Faster and Better Than Competing Heaters. Note: It will only heat an 1000 square foot space if you live in San Diego or Houston. 400 square feet is a realistic number. Compares very well to the Lifesmart heater above. Dr. Heater sells a ton of them!

3. Broan NuTone Big Heat

Broan Big Heat is a little powerhouse that gets as hot as the Pelonis 4 Disc, but pushes more air. It is very sturdy too. The thicker ceramic element with a good fan is the reason the Broan performs so well. The Broan is not a popular brand you will find in department stores.This is the best garage heater in the market. A friend of mine that owns rental properties uses the Broan Big Heat space heaters for when his tenants have furnace problems. It is a darn good all around heavy duty ceramic space heater. They are hard to find, but worth it.

Broan NuTone Big Heat

4. iHeater Max 1500 Infrared 6,000 BTU!

iHeater Max 1500 Infrared 6,000 BTU!

Talk about good heat! The iHeater Max was new just last season, and the prices are starting to come down. The iHeater Max uses PTC bulb-less infrared heating elements that last about forever. The air coming out of the front is 129 degrees with good velocity. This is the only 1500 watt space heater with a 6,000 BTU heat rating! There are many “not really needed” features to play with. Been let down by those cabinet quartz and ceramic heaters? Give the iHeater Max a try. You will be impressed. We love it! We purchsed one last year from Sears for $295. Now you can buy for under $200 if you shop around. Are they worth the money?

5. Optimus H-5300 Quartz and Convection

The Optimus H-5300 is almost like a fireplace. You can feel the heat hitting your face. There is no fan, so what you are feeling is radiant. It may take awhile for the temperature on the far end of the room to catch up. Once it does, you can turn off some of the elements.

If you put your hand over the top, you can feel tons of heat coming out. For a space heater that does not have a fan, it really gets a room warm. For the bedroom, run it on the low setting (375W) all night and it will cut your heating cost. Sturdy metal construction.

Optimus H-5300 Quartz and Convection

6. Pelonis 4 Disc Ceramic (Disc Furnace)

Pelonis 4 Disc Ceramic (Disc Furnace)

The Pelonis 4 Disc is one of the best space heater fans you can buy. This compact proven design has been around for more than 30 years. With the build quality, it may last 30 years too! We have one in the basement that is 15 years old. Every season we use the vacuum to suck all the dust out of the back filter and it is ready to go. The Pelonis Disc Furnace will heat a room fast! Avoid the newer style plastic body Pelonis disc portable space heaters, as they are not the same build quality. Avoid the fake knockoffs too. Make sure the front badge says “Pelonis” or “Disc Furnace”.

7. DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel

You will not believe how much heat this mica panel puts out. The heating is directional, so you can place it against the wall. It does not have a fan, but will heat a large room pretty fast. The micathermic panel provides a lot of surface area, while at the same time compounding heat until it reaches maximum. Very efficient.

The DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel gets the strong and silent award! Great for the bedroom or living room. This Micathermic heater on high gets hot enough you will be sweating after 30 minutes. You will want to turn it down a notch or two!

DeLonghi HMP1500 Mica Panel

8. Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Heater

Three models talked about here. The Lasko 6405 Designer Oscillating Space Heater is most likely the first choice of women shoppers, as it looks like a pretty flower pot. Kidding aside, don’t let the pretty design fool you. The 6405 uses the same ceramic heating element as other Lasko tower space heaters.

This is a very good thing. The fan is decent too. If you want one with the remote control, spend a few extra bucks for the 6435 model.

If you just want a plain ugly cheap tower heater that works real good, buy the Lasko 5307. All three have some of the highest customer review ratings.

9. TPI Corporation Fan Forced Portable

It just makes sense that a heater made for a garage or site trailer will work better than most cheap space heaters. The TPI uses a ceramic element and has a strong fan. TPI Corporation has been around since 1950, so they really know their stuff.

I used it in my drafty kitchen last season with great results. My wife wanted to replace it with a pretty and smaller size heater. The TPI was too industrial looking for her. It is now in my garage, and has worked good down to 32 degrees outside.

TPI Corporation Fan Forced Portable

10. Stanley Ceramic Utility

Stanley Ceramic Utility

This portable space heater is made by Lasko, but the specs must be different. The heat coming out of this little heater is over 200 degrees! This makes the Stanley an awesome directional space heater. Good for drying out a pair of boots! The price is very affordable. The carry handle is a nice touch. Rugged construction is a plus. Stanley is a quality tool maker, so the product must be good for them to put their name on it. For those experts that say all 1500 watt space heaters put out the same heat, should compare the Stanley Ceramic to the cheap 1500W plastic Heater fans. The Stanley feels like it puts out three times more heat!

11. Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic

This is the best electric space heater for a drafty living room. The fan is strong, but quiet. It is big, and the heating element is high off the floor. I have used other Lasko tower ceramic space heaters, and the Cyclonic Ceramic will warm a room faster. Not better, just faster.

The one drawback is, it is a pain in the butt to take apart and clean. However, if you vacuum out the vent at the bottom every month it will work at peak performance for the season. For some reason, kids with crayons are attracted to this heater. There is a lot of space for graffiti.

Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic

12. Holmes Ultra Quiet Dual Ceramic

Holmes Ultra Quiet Dual Ceramic

If you have used Holmes small space heaters in the past, you may have been disappointed in the performance. The Holmes Ultra Quiet Dual Ceramic is not like any Holmes heater you have used before. It kicks out some serious heat!

It only took 15 minutes to get our living room from 48 to 65 degrees on a freezing winter day. It does have one of those goofy grills that turn orange when it gets hot. It looks like Holmes has a winner here. Price is reasonable too.

13. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Space Heater

So popular! This Lasko Ceramic space heater puts out close to the same heat of the Broan or Pelonis. However, it is half the price! The fan does make some noise, but not like a jumbo jet. We have one running in the kitchen. The Lasko 754200 heats this open area just fine. It is small and easy to keep out of the way.

It puts out the same heat as all those expensive fancy Lasko tower heaters. At less than $35, it made the best space heater list because it is a bargain. You can’t go wrong with this heater. My guess is the DeLonghi DCH1030 Safeheat is the same one.

Lasko 754200 Ceramic Space Heater

14. Soleus Air Oscillating Reflective

Soleus Air Oscillating Reflective

Another quartz reflective heater that will warm a large room. It is like the sun hitting your skin! The twin quartz elements really crank out the heat! The front does get very hot, so it is not the best choice if you have young children.

In a closed, well insulated room, it can warm up to over 80 degrees! Comfort-Zone also markets the same space heater, but at a higher price. The picture does not do justice. The Soleus is over 20 inches tall!

15. Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator

The ultimate bedroom heater. The Delonghi oil filled radiator will not heat up a room fast. So why is it listed? Because the Delonghi Oil Filled will cut your heating cost. Once your room is warm, switch to the low setting. Your room will stay warm all night. You can adjust the comfort with the thermostat dial. I estimate, I can heat my bedroom at night for $20 per month through the cold winters we have.

Not all radiator heaters are the same. Some are junk! Buy the most basic Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator heater you can find. The EW7707CM is a good one. Those with extra features will cost more, and not provide better heating. Placement Tip: They provide the best heat when the fins are about 10 inches from the wall. This makes the wall become part of the heater. Some say you can heat the whole house if you use one of these with a box fan behind it.

Delonghi Oil Filled Radiator