Brighten Up Your Day: The Guide to Choosing a Generator

The unpredictability of the weather, the electricity supply and simply the voltage can tick you off. Not only can the unexpected events leave you and your family sitting in the dark during the night time but it can cause hurdles while cooking in the daytime too. Don’t fall prey to the unexpectedness and invest in a portable generator today.

While you can simply visit the market and purchase the first generator you come across, however, it is best you choose one according to your needs. Choosing the correct portable generator depends on a number of factors, needless to say, the purpose you need it for, its size, durability, model, brand and everything else play a vital role. Check out the amazing generator for sale these days and make the most of it.

Appliance Wattage Matters

Before you eye a generator, do your basic homework. If you need a generator for your house, start calculating the power needs in watts. For example, your lights could use between 60 to 500 watts while your electric heater could use 1500 watts. Once you have calculated and summed up the total watts, you can then decide the size of the generator you require.

Stationary or Portable?

Another question you might want to ask is whether you need a portable generator or a stationary generator. Both have their pros and cons.
While a portable generator can be taken to camping trips, your friend’s backyard BBQ party, etc, on the other hand, a stand by generator’s downside is that it is not portable.
While a stand by the generator will directly turn on if the electricity goes, the portable generator will have to switch on manually. Stationary generators can handle heavy duty appliances and are quieter. Portable generators can be carried anywhere while they can be stored even in cramped up places. Nonetheless, both the styles require generator service from time to time.
Before opting for the right one, know the true reasons you need a generator for.

Should it have Wheels?

Well, that entirely depends on you. Wheeled generators might be priced higher, and for good reason too. Since some generators are heavier, it is best that they come with wheels. While you can drag the generator in and out of your garage, handling a big sized generator without wheels alone can become troublesome. If you need a stationary generator for your office or home, it is fine if it does not have wheels.

Alternate Fuel storage Capacity

Some generators run only on gasoline. This might result in a problem when you are camping in the mountains and when you run out of gasoline. That is why checking the fuel capacity matters. If you think you only need a generator once in a blue moon, a small one with a small fuel storage tank will do. However, if you face electricity issues often and need a backup generator, you might want to invest in a generator which has a bigger fuel tank.

Check out the generator for sale. It might be the right option!


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