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Recycle Pumpkins Into Treats & Gifts

Don’t let all your Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkins, gourds and squashes go to waste after Halloween. There are many ways to recycle them. Things You Will Need: Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds Leftover Candles Empty Coffee Can Canning, Freezing, Baking Supplies Start a new family tradition by recycling your pumpkins at a local farm.  Check in your local area […]

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It is easy to Grow Orchids in your home

Orchid plants are members of the largest family of plants – Orchidaceae and are simply known as Orchids. It is estimated that there are about 25,000 species of orchids growing in the wild.   Orchids are probably the most diverse group of plants that thrive in almost kinds of climates except the arctic. Basically, they […]

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DIY Conservatory Prices

DIY conservatory kit prices start from around ?1200 and, depending on the design, size and options can cost several thousands of pounds. It can be tempting to be swayed by price alone, but you will often find differences in specification, from the frames to the glazing.   Firstly, as a DIY conservatory, the frames themselves […]

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Garden Furniture ? Suits Every Need

As the name suggests, Garden Furniture is meant for use in open space and gardens where a group of people sit together and have their meals while enjoying the benefits of green nature and fresh air. People use this type of furniture in outdoor parties, picnic, vacation and any type of public gatherings including different […]

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