Why Choose Cedar Garden Furniture

Gardens and garden furniture have been gaining popularity in the landscaping of many yards. Furnishings used in gardens can be made out of many different materials. Wood, plastic, and metals have been used in making outdoor furniture for years.


Wooden garden furniture must be weather resistant. A wood that is not weather resistant will rot or decay in a short period of time. If you do not want to use chemically treated wood in your furnishings you have a couple of woods to choose from that have a natural resistance to water. Cedar and redwood are woods that have a natural resistance to decay and rot.

Cedar in many styles can be used in garden furniture. It gives lawn furnishings a natural beauty and has a unique fresh smell. You may purchase or craft furniture out of logs or lumber. There are many pieces that can be made out of both logs and lumber.


If you have the necessary skills you can even create some pieces yourself and let your imagination fly to create some unique pieces.

You can create sitting areas by or in your garden using cedar benches. These benches will break up a walk around your yard as well. They make nice places to relax and enjoy the beauty and fresh fragrance of your flower area. You may also have accent tables located by your benches so you may enjoy a snack or an ice tea while you are relaxing. Adirondack style chairs could be a great resting place as well. The fan style backs and interesting form are very comfortable. Cedar furniture will take shape in a swing as well. These can be made to sit one or more and could be created with a log frame. These swings overlooking your flowers are a neat place to sit and enjoy the scenery.

You may want to hang a cedar bench swing from a tree near your garden to enjoy.

Cedar with its natural beauty may be used in rustic log form as well as the rough sawed look or even planed. You may finish the furniture in a clear finish to bring out the natural beauty in the wood. You can stain it many different shades and colors. The options are endless with cedar. You can also let it weather and blend with nature. This weathering will naturally grey the wood and it will look natural in your garden setting. It has a natural resistance to rotting but a sealer or finish will protect it for a longer period. Cedar garden furniture will give you many years of satisfaction.

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