Dos and Don’ts when you own an air conditioner

Do you have an air conditioner of your own?

Do you wish to keep it in good working condition?

Are you in search of knowing how to maintain your air conditioner unit in a better state?

Here we are to tell you about the useful things to do and to avoid in case you are new to the use of air conditioner.

Air conditioners prove to be a blessing as they provide a comfortable temperature in the whole house and maintain the comfort for several days, both in the sweltering and freezing weather. But if they are not adequately taken care of, they might start making trouble and become a source of tension rather than comfort. Therefore you need to understand the few essential things before it’s too late.

Although there are some outstanding services providers available around the corner to help you with the air conditioner repair and maintenance, you still need to be aware of a few basic things yourself.

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Now let us take a look at the dos and don’ts of keeping an ideal air conditioner.

  1. Do maintain the air conditioner clean. Dirt and dust are the two worst enemies of your air conditioner’s better life. Make sure to keep them out of dirt and keep cleaning it from time to time. More decent air conditioner, with clean ducts and filters, cools better compared to the one clogged with debris that has to work more.
  2. Do replace the air filters of your air conditioner in three months for the least. The air filters come in two types. If your filters are washable, you do not need to replace them, just washing them would make them good as new each time.
  3. Don’t let anything clog the end of the discharge duct of the Air Conditioner. The water must flow freely from it. Placing a bowl or bucket to collect water could clog it. Make sure that the end of the discharge duct does not touch any surface.
  4. Do make sure to get your air conditioner tuned and checked at least once in every two years by some professionals of the field. This will save you from getting stuck in a sudden situation too much extent.
  5. Do not place the outdoor units on some bricks or podiums, invest a little in the mounting assembly of the unit and place the unit well on it. This is essential to keep the outdoor unit out of the harm’s way.

Following these few dos and don’ts for your air conditioners today, will save you from any hard time in the future.


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