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It is easy to Grow Orchids in your home

Orchid plants are members of the largest family of plants – Orchidaceae and are simply known as Orchids. It is estimated that there are about 25,000 species of orchids growing in the wild.


Orchids are probably the most diverse group of plants that thrive in almost kinds of climates except the arctic. Basically, they are parasites that feed on large tree trunks, preferring shade and very little light. The most varieties that one gets to see in most plant nurseries and garden centers tend to be hybrid varieties that have characteristics of orchids and other similar species..

One is reminded of the Orient and the rain forest when one thinks of orchid flowers and plants. The flowers are very fabulous looking and eye-catching , coming in some spectacular colors and mixed shades. Orchid flowers can be found in varied colors ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown, blue and even a rare type of bluish black, and black. I feel that orchids are the most interesting flower formations ever.


Growing Orchids in your home

Growing orchids at home is fairly easy and does not require much effort. Orchids have very few requirements except that they need to be given human-comfort temperature, humidity and a certain amount of light. They do particularly well in closed balconies that receive partial sunlight and warmth. It is better to group them together; this takes care of their humidity requirements. But the most important thing to bear in mind is never to over-water them and let water stand at the base of the plant. It is best to let the top soil dry out before watering.

Although orchid plants need to be kept moist, there should be no water logging; otherwise the stem tends to rot and the growth gets stunted. Also, the leaves tend to wrinkle and shrink when the water requirement is not met. Fertilizer can be added only when the blooms appear and after the flowering season is over. It is best to use the ready-mixed orchid soil that is available in most plant nurseries.

It is essential to re-pot the orchid plant when not in bloom, taking care to include as much of the old potting soil as possible and placing the plants in slightly larger pots.

I  have two wild varieties of orchids that I picked up from tree trunks growing in a mountainous area . One of them has tiny yellowish orange blooms which come on long spikes and in clusters. And best of all, the flowers lasted and lasted – almost a month and a half!  It was the most exciting day for us when the first bloom appeared nearly a year after I got it home and planted it in a terra cotta pot . The other plant is yet to flower and I am not sure if it is the same variety or if it is different .The leaves look slightly different, so I am keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that it is a different variety altogether. I use the husk of coconut (the outer cover that has been peeled) to cover the top soil of the pots so that the plant remains cool. Now the plant has started growing into the coconut husk – after all they are  parasites!

Other than the balcony , I would suggest a windowsill as the ideal place to grow orchids. The light requirement is met, and it gets at least a little sunshine during the day. After planting the orchid plant it takes a year or two to start flowering, but once it begins flowering, it starts growing very fast and multiplies. It can be then separated and re-potted in different containers.

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Orchids are one of the most fascinating, beautiful variety of flowers, often considered difficult to grow. But with the right climatic conditions they can thrive very well in your home and flower regularly.

DIY Conservatory Prices

DIY conservatory kit prices start from around ?1200 and, depending on the design, size and options can cost several thousands of pounds. It can be tempting to be swayed by price alone, but you will often find differences in specification, from the frames to the glazing.


Firstly, as a DIY conservatory, the frames themselves should be simple to put together. Cheaper conservatory systems may not have the benefit of quality fittings and profile design leading to increased labor times and perhaps costly mistakes.

The glazing is another area where some conservatory suppliers decrease the specification for a more attractive price. This might look good in the short term, but if your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter you could well be left with a white elephant in the garden. Polycarbonate is the standard conservatory roof glazing material, but there different suppliers offer different polycarbonate roofs (you can get more details info from roofing contractor in Markham), ranging from 25mm to 35mm in thickness. This obviously has a huge impact on how well insulated your conservatory is. Glass options may look expensive but with increased thermal properties and anti-solar coatings a glass conservatory roof really does make the world of difference to a daily use, year-round conservatory.

Another part of your conservatory build which has cost implications are the groundwork’s for the base. There are two options – digging foundations and steel bases. Digging foundations is labor intensive and requires a good deal of care in ensuring that you stick to the base plans. A steel conservatory base is a pre-fabricated kit which is easily pieced together on site. This does not require that full foundations are dug, simply a small number of concrete pads on which the feet of the frame are placed. A steel base saves time, disruption and can also provide access to manhole covers via a trap door, saving on re-routing the drainage pipes.


Deciding on Your Conservatory Supplier

When investing a large sum of money it’s always worthwhile shopping around, not only for price but also service. If you’re building your own DIY conservatory you need to not only have faith in the kit you receive but in any technical support you may need along the way. Does the conservatory kit include all fixtures and fittings? Is a guarantee offered? How long have they been established? Are independent references available? By the time you have some conservatory quotes, you will have a feel for how helpful the company is and how quickly they respond.

When it comes to buying your DIY conservatory, you may be fortunate enough to be paying in full in cash, but finance options are often available for home improvements. These can often be arranged through your bank, or the conservatory supplier may have alternative payment options, ranging from interest free credit to buy now pay later.

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With these tips in mind, you’re ready to go shopping for your DIY conservatory.

Garden Furniture ? Suits Every Need

As the name suggests, Garden Furniture is meant for use in open space and gardens where a group of people sit together and have their meals while enjoying the benefits of green nature and fresh air. People use this type of furniture in outdoor parties, picnic, vacation and any type of public gatherings including different occasions. The umbrella, a part of the garden furniture sets is built in, attached with the table is a handy item which protects from harmful sun heat, they can be folded and shifted from one table to another easily. Patio furniture also contains fire pit and heater useful in winter nights for those who want to stay at outdoors in during nights.Fire pits are very good for summer gathering. There are some types available. I advise to check some best fire pit reviews first before purchasing.

Hotels and restaurants including amusement parks these days provide a new pleasure of open air dinner to their guest by arranging seating accommodation on their roof tops and gardens using garden furniture.


Garden furniture is available in different types, depending on the materials used.

They come in different looks, styles, shapes and color which match the place they are being used for. The different materials used for furniture are wood, metal including Iron and Aluminum, plastic, wicker made of Palm tree stems, synthetic resin and plastic fiber.

Different people have different preferences including budgets and the furniture these days is made keeping these things in mind. Metal and wood furniture is heavy and skid-free where as Plastic furniture is light weight, easily movable and durable but they can slip on slippery ground. Wood was the main ingredient in furniture making with the use of heavy teak wood.

This trend is now diminishing as people now prefer simple light weight furniture which comes in different colors and types within reasonable price.

Metal furniture, made of Iron or Aluminum is also in use but they require regular maintenance to avoid corrosion and rust apart from being costly. They cannot be kept outside in adverse weather conditions. Wood furniture also requires regular maintenance and proper handling to prevent them from getting damaged in rainy season or hot and humid conditions. Garden Furniture made of plastic or plastic product; including synthetic resin does not require much maintenance and can be kept out in any weather condition without any effect. When we talk of durability, plastic furniture scores high in comparison with wood or metal furniture.

DIY Conservatory Prices

If you’re thinking of building a DIY conservatory to your house, you should sit down and give it some thought first, especially when it comes to cost.

Building a DIY conservatory is a considerable investment of time and money, whether you do it yourself or use a builder. Just as with a self build home, a self build conservatory costs a lot less than buying an off the shelf conservatory with installation. The key is to fully understand the scale the task and to cost each part out accordingly.

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Window Planters: the Best Leisure for Gardeners

Everybody is looking for something that makes them happy and complete. We often think of a way out plan from our stressful activities that we experience day after day. Hobbies can sometimes be the best leisure to consider. If you are looking for a good leisure activity, make sure you love what you are doing and invest your time and effort to make the most out of it. We can consider gardening as a good hobby to enjoy.


Gardening is not an easy job. You may consider it as your pastime but some people are considering it as their lifestyle. They spend more time cultivating and improving their garden. The difficulty comes from the time you start gardening to a point when you are preserving it. Weeding, digging, planting, and watering are the most common things you need do as the basic tasks. There are a number of gardening ideas available online, in books or by word of mouth. You can gather information and select gardening ideas that will work for you.

If you are having problems when it comes to maximizing space of your garden, window planters are considered the best way to make use of your garden area. Container gardening can cut down expenses and can make work easier because of its portability and easy to arrange the way you want it to be. Window planters are also good for maximizing space and essential for those who do not have much time to dig and weed their garden. If you do not have a big area for your garden, then consider placing your plants in containers and pots which are nice to look at and you can use it as gift plants to someone special.


Sculpting is a form of art that you can apply to your garden which allows you to create a vintage look. This is what we called Topiary and also applicable in indoor plants. If you are good in concoction of creativity and imagination, you can make your garden a place of botanical sanctuary.

Making small ponds or fountains or mini waterfalls, can turn your garden attractive and more relaxing along with your window planters. Water adds a sense of tranquility and harmony into the ambience. Sometimes, most of us put live fish in the small pond like Koi or any large gold fish. This is also applicable to mini or med sized garden as well.

Some put decorative structure to add beauty to your landscaping. Trellises and arbors are some known items that you can add and a place for climbing plants to make their home as well.

Hope that these ideas are helpful to you and to your garden. Gardening maybe a good hobby but not easy to do.

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Garden design for elevating indoor living experience

Garden design is the making of special gardening aspects in one or more space within the home or outside place. Courtyard gardening is a new concept in gardening that is most probably carried out in outdoor rooms. When you make courtyard garden design in individualized forms of outdoor rooms, you are able to make a high level of customized design that affords you an enormous freedom of personal expression. Attractively designed gardens give life and energy to your home and make it out of the look of an aseptic hard cape enclosure. Sitting in such beautifully designed garden will make you feel like you are physically attached to the landscape.


Your fountain, patio and decorative masonry will look in a manner as they are part of the landscape, especially when the landscape gets lighting at night. You can make a garden design that truly reflects your style and personal sense of creativity. There are many garden design professionals such as horticulturists, architects, etc who can help you in garden designing. If you want a DIY garden designing, a number of DIY home gardening guides are offered in the market. Before designing a garden, you have to make a list of everything that you love about your home and other many things you love to do indoors.

You should have personal sense in colors, decoration, furnishings and works of art. This will help you design an exclusive garden that marks your innovative skills. See the magic of inversion in your garden design right before your eyes. Appealingly designed gardens will mirror and elevate your indoor living experience. So, grab available DIY home gardening guides for a nice garden design.

Gardening – a satisfactory hobby

Is gardening a hobby for you? It is a better choice to keep the garden design as a hobby or exercise. To work out gardening, any factor such as age or gender does not matter. Any one in any age group can involve in this practice. Gardening will give you relaxation and satisfaction. The main thing that is about the garden designing is that it will give you an opportunity to spare time with the plants and in touch with the nature. The garden design will relieve your body ache and also helps to get away from the worries, stress and tensions.


While getting into the garden designing for the first time you will have many doubts. These kinds of doubts can be cleared by the diy home gardening guides. There are many kinds of gardens. It is not only the flowers constitute the garden but the vegetables, trees and other plants can be included in the garden. The garden must be cared in an intensive manner. While selecting the plants for your garden you should keep in mind the space you have chosen for the garden design. You should be aware of the nature of plants you select. Different plant requires different weather conditions. So you should keep track of such things.

The foremost thing you have to keep in mind is the budget for the garden design. The garden design must be affordable for you in every aspect. While stepping into the garden design, you should invest for the plants, for the cleaning up process and so on. Choose the best DIY home gardening guides and get involved in a better garden design.