How to Move Interstate

Top 10 tips on How to Move Interstate, Stress Free

Find a new home. If you have a place to move into, life will be smoother. Check around the internet or ask friends in the area about safe neighborhoods and convenient locations.

Decide how you’re going to get your belongings there. Which type of moving services to move is going to depend which is more stressful for you – spending money or spending time. Services provided by moving companies range from the full services, where movers pack and load all your belongings, to simple truck rentals. One recently popular economy option is freight service – you pack and load all your belongings into a designated pod, and a truck moves it for you.

Get your utilities hooked up before you get there. Get rid of excess belongings. The less you have to pack, the better.

Pack up! For delicate items, using clothes or copies of the local free newspaper to pad out boxes works fine – no need to invest large sums in bubble wrap.

Make a party of it. If possible, buy a day of your friends’ and relatives’ time with some pizza—it’s more fun.

Get there. Be sure to practice and learn how to park again if you’re the one driving the truck!

Move in. If you need help and don’t know anyone, check with Removals Melbourne – they often have labor available.

Get your address changed. The post office has an online form for this now. Let important agencies like your bank know, and watch your forwarded mail to make sure you’ve notified all the people who really need to know where you live.

Check the requirements. What will it take to get your car registered in your new town? Are there different emissions standards? How do you move your voter registration? A local library or the internet should be a great resource.

Settle in. Get to know your new town. Be sure to get a phone book or a city guide to see what’s available nearby.

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