Kitchen Refacing Ideas

Kitchen Refacing Ideas

Over the years we noticed the lack of space in our kitchen. I have done my best to satisfy my family but in vail. What are the best method to make kitchen look spacious w/o much efforts? – Chloe Hallen

Answer: The charming eat spots seem to invite you to draw up a chair or stool and sit down! No matter what other dining facilities you have, you’ll like the step saving convenience of a snack bar. Breakfasts, lunches, or suppers go straight from range to dining counter. Dishes have only a short journey to table, to sink for clean up, then back to their cabinet.

Then, too, these extra counters make a handy place for cleaning silver, checking household accounts, lining up plate meals for family or guests. Junior members of the family like these spacious counters for their many hobby interests. Look at the pictures and plans we show here to gel ideas for a snack counter for your kitchen.

Don’t overlook the possibility of widening a window ledge to make a table or adding a pull-out shelf to your cabinet. If your kitchen is crowded, perhaps a “fold-down shell” against the wall is the answer.

A lunch bar for real short order service- Food stays piping hot as it goes across the counter from the range side of the peninsula the hungry folk on the eating side.

Fleer meals, dishes can glide across counter to tin: sink. Cabinets above tin counter open on both sides for Beau) table set-tins and return of dishes.

A diagonal nail in your kitchen need not in a handicap. On may lentil you can limit in a long counter and use to advantage tiny space. There was lot by the angle. This counter made of bleached oak planks. Plastic-covered with Susan saves crowding of dishes at the table. At mealtime, you cull flue dessert plates, coffee cups up there.

An angular liar makes so sidles lo seat three to four poplin in a limy area. There’s tool spare look out on the race while they eel here. Then the table not gel for a meal, ii makes a workplace planning with telephone within easy arm’s reach.

Narrow wall space gets good use in the. Is a sit-down snack work spot, part is for storage? Kalispell is only little slop away from the cooking center, sink, and refrigerator (see plan). The long shelf above counter puts sugar and creamer within easy reach of break & Biters. Dishes and glassware in the roomy cabinets overhead.

Wide counter with cabinets above divides I he kitchen from tiny living-dining room. The padded hacks & the footrests of these high stools make dinners com fordable. Big dinners are served at the (lining table. Glass doors on cabinets racing the living area display silver trays, pitchers. On the kitchen side of liar is storage for pans; a sliding shelf pulls out from under counter for an extra space maker.

A generous counter like this, curving gracefully around a range peninsula to any family. There plenty of room to set up places for or seven for speedy over-the-counter service.

Whether you are giving a buffet luncheon or n dinner party, there’s space to line up plate meal. – or dishes for an easy trip to the dining room. And it’s also a place for teen-agers to entertain, and study, too.

Utile pass-through counter seats two to four people for breakfast or snacks. Any jumping up for more coffee can lie (alone from the kitchen side. Here we’re looking into the kitchen from living-dining room. Anyone can dial with her family while she cooks.

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