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Make Sure Your Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of your home, or so we’ve always been told. It’s definitely the place we spend a large amount of time throughout the day cooking, eating, cleaning or just making a quick snack.

Your kitchen table may even be used for paying bills or getting homework done. If this room really is that important, shouldn’t it be a warm and comfy place with those extra special touches that make it “home”? Remodeling your kitchen can be a lot of fun and can be done very inexpensively if you follow these few tips.

Making your Kitchen Green

Make your kitchen green and no, I’m not talking about painting all the walls green. Green means energy efficient and eco-friendly. There are methods of making your kitchen green including proper ventilation, natural lighting, energy-efficient appliances, low-toxicity finishing and surfaces and countertops that are easily cleaned, durable while still being aesthetically appealing to the eye.

Whether it’s online or at your local home building supply store, you can get some great ideas on how to green your kitchen yourself if you happen to be a DIY person.


Countertops really do take up more of our kitchen than we realize yet they can be very inexpensive to replace in terms of overall remodeling costs. Consider an eco-friendly countertop such as wood (renewable), bamboo or cork. Cork is very durable, attractive and sustainable. It is also your best choice when it comes to workability, aesthetics and cost. It repels microbes, withstands moisture, and resists heat damage and scratches. It’s perfect for areas next to the sink that are frequently wet. Its fire resistant qualities make it great for next to the stove. Cork may not be your only choice, but it’s one of the beset.


There is nothing quite like the look of new appliances in your kitchen. Appliances, however, are a large expense so make wise choices. The more energy efficient your appliances are, the more you’ll save money on energy costs. If your children are grown and gone, do you really need that large refrigerator or freezer?
Do you need that supersize microwave? The larger appliances you have, the more energy they’ll use and the more space they’ll take up – space that could be used for cute Knick knacks or pictures of the grandkids!


If you’re going all out with your remodeling, why not put in some large windows to let the sunshine in each day? There is not quite like natural lighting. It’s great for your plants and will lessen the time you need your lights on in your kitchen. It provides you with some great solar energy as well.

Kitchen Refacing Ideas

Kitchen Refacing Ideas

Over the years we noticed the lack of space in our kitchen. I have done my best to satisfy my family but in vail. What are the best method to make kitchen look spacious w/o much efforts? – Chloe Hallen

Answer: The charming eat spots seem to invite you to draw up a chair or stool and sit down! No matter what other dining facilities you have, you’ll like the step saving convenience of a snack bar. Breakfasts, lunches, or suppers go straight from range to dining counter. Dishes have only a short journey to table, to sink for clean up, then back to their cabinet.

Then, too, these extra counters make a handy place for cleaning silver, checking household accounts, lining up plate meals for family or guests. Junior members of the family like these spacious counters for their many hobby interests. Look at the pictures and plans we show here to gel ideas for a snack counter for your kitchen.

Don’t overlook the possibility of widening a window ledge to make a table or adding a pull-out shelf to your cabinet. If your kitchen is crowded, perhaps a “fold-down shell” against the wall is the answer.

A lunch bar for real short order service- Food stays piping hot as it goes across the counter from the range side of the peninsula the hungry folk on the eating side.

Fleer meals, dishes can glide across counter to tin: sink. Cabinets above tin counter open on both sides for Beau) table set-tins and return of dishes.

A diagonal nail in your kitchen need not in a handicap. On may lentil you can limit in a long counter and use to advantage tiny space. There was lot by the angle. This counter made of bleached oak planks. Plastic-covered with Susan saves crowding of dishes at the table. At mealtime, you cull flue dessert plates, coffee cups up there.

An angular liar makes so sidles lo seat three to four poplin in a limy area. There’s tool spare look out on the race while they eel here. Then the table not gel for a meal, ii makes a workplace planning with telephone within easy arm’s reach.

Narrow wall space gets good use in the. Is a sit-down snack work spot, part is for storage? Kalispell is only little slop away from the cooking center, sink, and refrigerator (see plan). The long shelf above counter puts sugar and creamer within easy reach of break & Biters. Dishes and glassware in the roomy cabinets overhead.

Wide counter with cabinets above divides I he kitchen from tiny living-dining room. The padded hacks & the footrests of these high stools make dinners com fordable. Big dinners are served at the (lining table. Glass doors on cabinets racing the living area display silver trays, pitchers. On the kitchen side of liar is storage for pans; a sliding shelf pulls out from under counter for an extra space maker.

A generous counter like this, curving gracefully around a range peninsula to any family. There plenty of room to set up places for or seven for speedy over-the-counter service.

Whether you are giving a buffet luncheon or n dinner party, there’s space to line up plate meal. – or dishes for an easy trip to the dining room. And it’s also a place for teen-agers to entertain, and study, too.

Utile pass-through counter seats two to four people for breakfast or snacks. Any jumping up for more coffee can lie (alone from the kitchen side. Here we’re looking into the kitchen from living-dining room. Anyone can dial with her family while she cooks.

Soapstone on Sinks and Countertops

The Elegance in Your Kitchen

For quite some time people in using soapstone for making beautiful and exquisite counter tops. This article describes what soapstone is and why is it ideal for a modern kitchen design.

Soapstone is a perfect material for counter tops, among other items, such as backsplashes; sinks with drain boards; and islands.

Soapstone will bring sophistication to your modern kitchen, or an old world kitchen, and are becoming quite fashionable.

They are quite practical too; as unlike most natural stone, these counter tops do not require sealers. Stains are easily removed with fine sand paper, as they do not penetrate below the surface.

Soapstone has been used in the United States to make countertops, among other things, since the 19th century. Brazil has the best soapstone, but it is also imported from India, as well as from Finland, to make a variety of items, including counters. This ‘original stone countertop’ is admired for its beauty, along with its strength, durability and versatility.


Soapstone is inert to all household chemicals, and is extremely heat resistant. It is made of mineral deposits, with the main components being talc, chlorite, dolomite and magnetite. It is a steatite – a metamorphic rock – and comes in various degrees of hardness, with talc being the softer soapstone.

Countertops are made from the harder versions of steatite, as it requires being durable. It gives a warm and rustic look, and is soft to the touch.

Due to its heat resistant and retention quality, soapstone is commonly used for masonry heater fireplaces, wood stoves, fireplace liners and pizza ovens. The rugged and dense soapstone, with its heat resistant quality makes it appropriate for counter tops, as you can literally a place red hot cookware on its surface, without any adverse effect.
With age, its natural shades, such as green-gray, blue-gray and charcoal gray color, change to a darker color.

Alternately, you can apply mineral oil evenly to darken it, or oxidize it with water. Its color and appearance can be enhanced by regular application of mineral oil. If you wish to have the original gray color back, you simply need to sand paper it!

Soapstone as Countertops

Soapstone can be categorized into two types: the artistic, and the architectural soapstone. The artistic soapstone has higher talc content, is soft, and is used by artists for carving sculptures, making ornaments and other art pieces.

soapstone west

Un-oiled Piracema Split island with dramatic white vein
The architectural soapstone is harder, has little talc content, is very durable and is used for countertops, among other uses, where structural integrity is needed.

As architectural soapstone is dense, it makes it non-porous, and so resistant to staining of any kind. There is a common misconception that it is too soft for construction projects. On the contrary, it is preferred over granite and marble in many cases. As counters, soapstone adds elegance to your kitchen and value to your home.

Soapstone is not only used as countertops for kitchen, but also in the laboratories in schools and colleges. Piracema soapstone island. Prominent white veining.

The main reason being its inertness, and the ability to resist reacting to chemicals and acid, as well as all stains, including spills from lemon, tomato sauce, olive oil, vinegar, or wine, etc.

This time tested material has been in use in old farmhouses for centuries, and the original soapstone sinks and countertops are still in use today. Its easy workability and durability makes it the material of choice for countertops.
soapstone countertop with matching custom farm front sink

This is one stone every ones loves to use as a countertop, as soapstone can easily be cut with a saw, and hand finished with sand paper. Due to its easy workability, soapstone countertops can be easily made to your specifications, along with any type of edge profile you wish for, such as a bull nose, bevel, or ogee, or the popular plank edge – with softened top and bottom corners – giving it an old world appearance.

If you are looking for soapstone countertops, have a look at the advantages soapstone has over other stones:
• It is denser than granite and marble, and so will not absorb stains.
• It is easy to cut using a diamond blade, so edges can be given any shape required easily.
• It is completely non-porous.
• It requires no sealant.
• It has great thermal qualities and is resistant to bacteria.
• As it is highly durable, and will last several lifetimes.
• As it is resistant to chemicals and acids, it is ideal as laboratory countertops.
• Any scratches can easily be removed by just rubbing mineral oil on it.
• It is very smooth to feel.
• Can be returned to its original pristine condition, and look, even after years of use.
• It has the ability to blend in with any style or design.

Countertops made from soapstone require regular maintenance with applications of mineral oil, to maintain its patina. This could be true with countertops made of other stones, too. However, these countertops can be brought back to their original condition just with the help of a sand paper.

The soapstone countertops fit well into all types of environs, whether in an historic home, or in a most modern setup.

The Right Tuscany Kitchen in White and Wood

A Tuscany Kitchen Made for Comfort and Build Cherished Memories

What kind of a kitchen should I opt for with an arched door leading to the kitchen?

This is a typical Tuscany kitchen decoration; It has an arched door separating the dining area from the kitchen itself. The entire area looks so very welcoming and exudes large amounts of warmth.

The kitchen has the beckoning ambience be it for the person who is going to don the cap of the chef or the people who are going to partake off the spread. The natural materials used throughout the kitchen be it the table and chair, the wooden cabinets, the plastered walls, the marble platform. These natural materials which use the right and different kinds of textures enable the very best of each feature in this kitchen to be accentuated.

The overall calming design and the color theme followed will not let you want meal times to ever end. The wooden table and chairs that be used for several different things such as to draft your budget, supervise your children’s homework, have a cup of tea as you sew or read or just about entertain close friends at.

The practical and ease to maintain overall kitchen is going to make any homeowner want to get hold of it immediately as that will leave you with more time to do other things. The welcoming fruit bowl at the center of the table will remind you to eat healthy. The weathered wood used adds to the elegance.

This kitchen has been designed to give you and your family a no-nonsense family gathering spot which is straight from the Tuscan country side decorating style. The ample workspace and easy to set table is another advantage for this kitchen.

The beam and rafter construction add on the old world charm to this little kitchenette. The nice play of dark and lighter wood tones creates a nice mosaic like environment. The shades of wood all around be it on the table, the flooring or the closes enable the natural lighting to dance off it. The little white rack on top wherein you can place your wine or vinegar bottles or the white platform all around add to the theme.

The striking color combination that brings back starkness into fashion and with that the ample storage and organizer in such a small amount of area makes this a must have kitchen.

Look at the amazing way there has been utilization of the area with the middle portion left absolutely free. Clubbed with the old world charm with the right strains of usability and aesthetics rolled into one, it has all the attributes of a winner.

French Country Kitchen to add the Warmth and Welcoming Touch

How a country kitchen will help you spend more quality family time together?

Question: What kind of a theme kitchen must I choose if I want it to be well-lit, exude warmth and be welcoming?

There are kitchens and there are more kitchens but what can get the right kind of warmth and welcome to your kitchen is the design of a country kitchen.

These are the kinds of kitchens that are designed for large families whose lives revolve around being together and spending time with one another.

What better way than to break bread together?

A kitchen is the hearth of any family and a spot where you are going to spend more time. You can kick start your day with your first cup of tea as you look out of the French windows on the far side of the kitchen, you can have breakfast along with your children before they rush to school.

You can have a leisurely breakfast with your partner as you discuss the day ahead, you might want to invite your best pal over for a cup of tea as you discuss the latest news. In the afternoon, this is the place where you might like to have a brunch, supervise the kid’s homework as you get dinner ready, and have a glass of wine before dinner.
This multi-faceted country kitchen will be the place that will give you such an inviting feeling that you might not want to leave it.

This is the perfect option for a family that loves to eat and discuss things. The simple straight line design in the color theme of white, beige and dark brown is just perfect to spend hours on end out here. The right burst of color with the indoor plant and the lights overhead accentuating the late evening shadows, make you feel oh so comfortable and well-loved.

The country kitchen enables you to have the right mix of functionality and aesthetics. The marble kitchen platform and the one on the center table is easy to work on and clean in a jiffy. The ample amounts of storage space will never let you have any kind of clutter outside where it can be seen. The drawers and cabinets will allow you to have the right place for everything.

The country kitchen holds an appeal for everyone in the family, be they your domestic partner, children or even a pet. There is ample room to walk around and extremely easy to put the pots and pans from the cooking section to where you are going to eat it. It is almost as though this country kitchen was designed taking the rules of six sigma’s into consideration.

Ten Tips To Enhance Household

The housing market isn’t great right now, and many sensible property owners will be turning their attentions to improving on their current property instead of moving to a new one. To help with this process, we’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks and advice to help boost the value of your home and make it feel fresh and new.

Enhance Household

  1. When you’re planning and tightening your budget, the last thing you want to do is spend money unnecessarily on your home – so it’s worth researching first which home improvements will boost your home’s value and which jobs will devalue your house. That way, every penny spent will be spent wisely.
  1. An extension could add between 10 and 50 per cent to the value of your home, depending on its size and how well it’s finished. The key is to get its proportions just right. So, you’ve plenty of bedrooms but a tiny kitchen? Add on a downstairs extension to create a spacious kitchen diner. Got a huge garden but a small house? Put on a double storey extension to create the family home of your dreams. Want something state of the art? Add a glass extension.
  1. If you really want to boost the value of your home, considering updating the kitchen is a must. It’s the first room that most potential buyers will consider when the time does come to sell your home, but in the meantime it’s likely to be the room that you spend the most of your time in – especially if it doubles as a dining room. The secret to a great kitchen is to make sure it is in-keeping with the style of your home – so a period property will benefit most from a traditional kitchen, whereas a modern home will rely suit more contemporary fittings.
  1. If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to getting a whole new kitchen designed and fitted, a great alternative is to simply get new doors and appliances. It’ll give you that newly renovated feel without the price tag.
  1. New kitchen wall tiles and replacement worktops will instantly smarten up a tatty kitchen, as will new hard flooring throughout.
  1. If you have a smaller property and little garden space to extend into, consider a loft conversion instead. If you can manage to get an extra bedroom and bathroom up there, this could add up to 10 per cent to the value of your home.
  1. Talking of bathrooms, if you’ve got the space to create an end-suite then this could add another 5 per cent to the value of your home. Don’t do this at the expense of a whole bedroom, though – it’s best to steal a little space from a larger bedroom, or even fit a wet room into a larger cupboard.
  1. You could have a go at revamping a bathroom yourself if your DIY skills are up to scratch, which is of course much cheaper than hiring a plumber. There are a few things you can do which are actually a lot more straightforward than you’d think, such as fitting a new sink and retiling walls and floors.

  1. If you fancy splashing out a little bit, getting a whole new bathroom design and fitted can be a great improvement if you’ve got the budget. Consider lighting carefully too, as it can have the ability to create the illusion of space.
  1. Add a huge 15 per cent to the value of your home just by improving the outside. Tidy up the front garden and perhaps plant some flowers, paint the front door and clean the windows – or even tackle repairing the guttering if it needs it.