Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill Review

The Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill will make a fine addition to your kitchen especially if you live in apartments, condos, or other areas that prohibit open-flame grills. This electric barbeque grill runs in the $300 range, but you can occasionally find them on sale online.

Weber 526001 Q 140 Grill Details:

This electric barbeque grill will give you almost the same functionalities of a gas or charcoal grill with the added convenience of less smoke and a lower chance of creating accidents. All these are accomplished without compromising food flavor. You don’t have to miss out on your favorite grilled treats just because you can’t use open-flame barbeque grills, thanks to the Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill. Read on to learn more about its features and how you can benefit from using it.

Top Features

  • Portable Electric Grill
  • 189 Square Inches Cooking Surface
  • Infinite Heat Control Settings
  • Glass-reinforced Nylon and Aluminum Frame
  • Removable Catch Pan


  • Eliminates the need for an open-flame grill while ensuring that food tastes like authentic and “real” barbeque. The Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill emulates charcoal and gas grills so effectively that food cooked on it take on the same characteristics as those that are cooked on open-flame grills. This way you will not miss out on delectable grilled food even if you are located in places where it’s not just convenient to use charcoal or gas grills.
  • Has a strong and durable industry-grade build that makes the it light but hardy and long-lasting. This electric barbeque is made of a combination of aluminum and glass-reinforced nylon which gives it strength and durability without that unnecessary weight. The sleek and modern finish is definitely a huge plus as it enables the Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill to look like a precision kitchen appliance and not as an ugly fire hazard.
  • Easy use straight from the box. The Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill does not require any complex assembly and will work right out of the box. All you need to do is make sure the necessary accessories are in place, after that you can safely power it up, pre-heat for a bit, and grill. You’ll have your favorite grilled food in your plate in no time at all.

Reviews of the Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill:

This electric barbeque grill has a 4.3- star rating from 73 customer reviews on Amazon. Here are some excerpts of what other people have to say about it:

“The size is nice and it is attractive. It doesn’t look like a fire hazard sitting out on the patio like some small grills do.

“Food tastes better and surprisingly cooks just as fast. I highly recommend the Q-140.

“The grill was easy to put together and it is very good quality. I haven’t cleaned it yet but it looks like it will be easy. to all you apartment owners i don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t purchase this grill. I love it.


  • Attractive and sleek appearance
  • Cooks quickly
  • Produces minimal smoke
  • No open flames
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


For its price, this grill’s cooking surface is a bit tiny, which is good enough when cooking for a small group but not for a large crowd. If you’re cooking for many people on this particular electric barbeque grill then you’ll have to make do with doing it in batches.

Our Verdict On The Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill

All in all, this electric barbecue grill is a good buy and should be in your must-have list. Don’t hesitate to grab one for grilling season, you won’t be disappointed.  If you have a slightly bigger budget and would rather cook on a gas grill, take a look at our reviews of the best gas grills for 2017.  If you’re a Weber fan, there are some great gas Weber grills that might be perfect for your bbqing needs.


Husqvarna Chainsaws – Best Gas Chainsaw You Should Buy

Planning on Buying a gas powered Chainsaw?  I must recommend Husqvarna, the brand which manufactured world’s top class gas chainsaw in the market for decades.

So, if you now decided to purchase a Husqvarna chainsaw – Get The Facts First…

Husqvarna chainsaws are a line of products manufactured by a leading manufacturer of chainsaws and other power tools to be used in the construction industry. Husqvarna chain saws are considered to be professional tools and are widely used by professional wood workers and foresters world wide. These chainsaws are top of the line, as many users will testify. If you buy a chainsaw made by husqvarna and would need to take good care of it –so you would enjoy it for years to come.

Husqvarna Chainsaws Models

Husqvarna Chainsaws are divided into 3 major categories. The chainsaws made for professionals, the ones to be used on the farm by semi professionals and the ones made for domestic use. The main differences between the models are the tool’s weight, resistance to heat or water to be able to keep on working under extreme climates and capacity of the engine which is increased in the professional models to enable maximum power. The professional models are designed to maximize power and durability while the domestic models are made for lighter work loads and emphasize manageability, to make it possible for non professionals to use them.

Things to consider while buying a Husqvarna Chainsaw

First you have to know what it is you’d be using your chain saw for. This will determine the type of chainsaw you need. The best advice you can get is to go for the lightweight chainsaw that would still be powerful enough to get the job done. Being lightweight means that youngsters and even women would be able to handle it and being powerful means that the engine’s capacity and overall durability of the chainsaw would be sufficient for your needs. Take a close look at the features of the chainsaw before deciding to buy it to make sure it would fit your needs.

Learn about the safety features it has. You need to make sure that it has the ‘kickback’ feature that is one of the main safety features you need to prevent damage to the chain. Finally, shop around a bit. Read some gas chainsaw reviews, compare chainsaw prices and make sure you would be able to locate various chainsaw parts, just in case you’d need some.

(If you buy a husqvarna gas chainsaw you can usually find all the parts you’d ever need at the husqvarna chainsaw dealers)

How To Fix Up Your Bathroom On A Small Budge

A bathroom remodel gives you really good return on your investment. Home buyers frequently consider the quality of the bathrooms when they make buying decisions. However, a total remodel can be quite expensive, especially nowadays as the economy continues to struggled.

Here are some ideas on how you can upgrade your bathroom without spending a huge sum of money.

  • A new coat of paint can always freshen up any room. Paint can hide minor wall imperfections. For your bathroom, experiment with different painting techniques to give you the effect that you want. The good thing is that the wall space is small, so you can repaint the walls fairly quickly.
  • Pick the best bathroom space heater for warming your space in a smart way. Holmes, Delonghi etc are very good brand to choose with.
  • If your cabinets look old and tired, you can refinish them. Old hardware can be replaced to make the cabinets look interesting. You can go with something modern-looking or something classic.
  • Replace an old toilet seat with a new one. If the base is still structurally sound, there is no need to replace it. A new seat is not expensive, and you can choose from many styles. It is the next best thing to replacing the entire toilet.
  • You can add life to a boring mirror by adding a frame around it. You can custom make a frame by using molding that is cut at a 45 degree angle. Measure your mirror carefully. You can browse the selection of molding at your local home center to pick the one that suits your bathroom decor the best.
  • You can use old drapery to make a nice, stylish shower curtain. All you need is a shower liner for the inside. The outer, decorative side can be anything that you wish. Using your old drapery is one way to extend the use of something that you have.
  • The look of a bathroom can be enhanced by a nice bathroom rug. A plush rug adds a bit of luxury to the bathroom. You can also use decorative towels to finish the look. Lovely bathroom ensembles and towel sets are available at many discount merchants, so you do not have to spend a lot of money.
  • Bathroom fixtures can be easily replaced, and can really change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Old and stained fixtures make the bathroom look run-down. Shiny, new fixtures can add beauty to the bathroom. Your bathroom light fixtures can also be replaced for a new look. If you still have the old fluorescent lights that emits harsh, white light, replace it with a softer light. Finish off the decor with scented candles and potpourri.

Many people cannot afford a complete bathroom renovation. However, as you can see, there are ways to upgrade your bathroom without breaking the bank. If the tub, sink, and toilet are structurally sound, there is really no need to replace them. Focus on the visual improvement of the area. Make your enhancements little by little, one step at a time. Finally, last but not least is the comfort of your bathroom.

A beautifully decorated bathroom means nothing if, like many, its drafty, cold, and uncomfortable. Many people with this challenge have turned to portable bathroom heating units to help alleviate the issue in a very cost conscious way. They have been modified over the years into units which can provide surprisingly good levels of portable heat utilizing very little electricity.

Everything you need to know about loop testing

Front matter: We all know a loop testing is a process where the beginning and end are connected. Testing is examining the quality and/or genuineness of anything. Therefore, loop testing, in the simplest of terms, is testing a process from beginning to end which is interconnected. This is a testing technique which is performed to check the validity of loops.

One such test is earth loop impedance test.

Loop Testing

Why you?
If you work with live wiring or electrical devices, you need to understand loop testing. When performing these electrical tasks, you need to keep yourself and others around you safe.

You cannot and should not just blindly start working with electricity without taking into account the welfare of others around you. Prevention is better than cure. Always think of the consequences before you do anything.

Why test the loop?
If there is a fault in the electrical system, the circuit impedance will be as low to allow enough current to flow by. The level of time and impedance will vary between the types of installations, the kind of protection used if there is a miniature circuit breaker involved, what type of fuse is used (rewireable or cartridge).  The fault could be in earth circuit or the line neutral circuit, but you cannot know for sure instantly.

Types of tests
The test meter determines which test needs to be used. If one requires a faster and more accurate test, then a high current test must be performed. But if the test is to be performed on an RCD protected installation than a non-trip test would be taken.

Earth loop impedance test
A fault current is also known as a short circuit. This is when a current is highest in flow under an electrical system. It is measured by impedance and voltage of the electrical supply system. Now the loop testing impedance test is when faults are tested within the existing electric circuit. If the impedance is low between earth and the phase conductor then it is an earth loop fault.

These days our electronic equipment is very sophisticated, hence increasing the need to test each of them often. Earth loop testing impedance test is quick, highly specific and convenient. It focuses on evaluating the ability of an electrical circuit to see if it can even engage in devices like fuses or circuit breakers.

Do not confuse a circuit with a loop. A loop consists of unsuspected elements in which a current flows in parallel paths along the ground. A circuit does not conform to a single design.

A fault in a loop is when a current is traveling from a ground conductor to a service than to a ground connector to a ground grid and in the soil. In the soil, there are parallel paths. In order to make sure these paths function properly the loop testing must have low impedance and allow current to flow through them smoothly and reach the devices. But in the case of high impedance and not smooth flowing current a fault arises. This is detected by the earth loop impedance tester. It is important to test since if the fault is there then the protective devices cannot do anything about it.

As high impedance reduces, the current flow of electricity which is actually required to activate the protective device in the first place. Hence, since the protective device will not work, the circuit will continue to flow current and remain energized resulting in fire, fatal shocks, and other damages.

Accurate Results
A loop impedance tester gives accurate results in just a few seconds, therefore, highly recommended. It assesses all the factors that can contribute to faults in the current and protective devices. Firstly, the tester measures the voltage that is unloaded. Then it checks the resistance between the existing conductors and figuring out any faults.

From the resistor, it measures the voltage drop, if any, in line with the loop testing. The voltage supply’s proportion which shows in the resistor will depend on the impedance in the loop testing. For successful measurement, speed is the main element. The tester operates really quickly. It completes two and a half cycles while measuring the main supply at 60Hz in just 16 milliseconds hence not giving any time for the protective devices to react.

Loop impedance test is reliable and can be completed in just minutes. It is far better than other complex processes which are not even certain- as in they do not provide such accurate results.

Parting ways
There are many service providers which conduct impedance test. When selecting the service provider, do not forget to enquire about any queries you might have regarding their services and how they operate. Ask them to guide you through the whole process before selecting them.


Choose reliability over uncertainty always!

How to Assess the Pricing of a Property – 5 Insights

Knowing the value of what you plan to buy is your right as well as your duty before shell out a hefty sum for the same.  


A price assessment is the cornerstone of all research work for home buying. There are more than just a few properties in the market that will catch your fancy, but don’t get roped in already for a shocker awaits at the end of that route.

Though there is no definite model of calculation or formula for this assessment, there are some insights that can make the process to the point and the results more accurate than usual.

Here are 5 of them that can hold your hand through this treacherous terrain.

List up the Property Feature


List out each offering to clearly understand if you are getting what is being sold to you.


The things that justify the price of a property are not always structural. There are some abstract and extraneous factors that can heavily expand or shrink the price of a house. One of them is the neighborhood, or the location of the house. So, let’s start at the basics. In a page, make a list of all the basic and advanced features of the house, including the amenities advertised.

Top down, start with the amenities like swimming pool, conservatory, countertops, landscape, fence or block walls, garage, work shed, outhouse, fireplace, etc. Now, move on to the integral features like roof type, year of building, number of bedrooms, size of the house, area in the backyard and such. When you have them all together on one page, you will know it’s worth the salt.

Find Some Matches and Their Prices


Comparing against the properties of similar types can help a great deal.


The second part of the assessment involves looking the area for properties similar to the one in question. You should aim to find at least three matching houses to be able to make an in-depth comparative study. These can be homes that have been sold within the last 6 months or vacant properties waiting to be sold.

Finding a match for the property in question means the houses should be of approximately similar size and must have features closely similar to the one you are assessing.

Compute Out the Sales Price of Similar Properties

The average of similar houses considered after adding or removing the offered or not offered amenities can help you arrive at the figure for which the subject house should be bought.


The prices at which the other properties are sold may not be readily accessible to you. That does not mean you can’t have them. You can roughly calculate it out. Add or subtract an approximate sum from the sales price of the subject house, depending on extra or missing features the other property has to find out the figure at which it was sold.

For instance, if the other house doesn’t have a swimming pool at the back, take out a fictive amount from the asking price to be able to find out how much it was sold for.

The reason why you need this amount is because there is a formula that can help you calculate the estimated price of the property you are interested in. When you add the sales prices of all the houses in question, divide it by the number of houses there are in your study. The quotient is roughly how much the subject house should cost.

The Cost Approach


This can be another mathematical as well as logical way of arriving at the right value of the property in question.


Another way to evaluate a property is the cost approach. Imagine that you have to get some renovations done on this subject property.

Mentally calculate how much you would need to spend to replace one of the structures at today’s rate. Now subtract the depreciation from the final amount and add to the remaining balance the possible market value of the plot. There you have the assessed value of the house.

Property Income Assessment


Income from the house is also indicative of what the property is worth.


A fifth and last value assessment method is to analyze the earning possibilities form the property. Supposing that you are going to rent it, find out how much it will be able to return you every month.

Do take into account miscellany expenses for that venture like operating cost, maintenance cost, insurance, financing and others. Do the math and what you have is the monthly return possible to have from the house.

Multiply that by the number of months it will take you to pay off the home loan. The two should match.


As a sensible buyer who is meticulous in this groundwork, you must first assess the value of the property. The idea is that you should be able to justify the asking price posed by builders and developers in Bangalore  with the property in question.


Brighten Up Your Day: The Guide to Choosing a Generator

The unpredictability of the weather, the electricity supply and simply the voltage can tick you off. Not only can the unexpected events leave you and your family sitting in the dark during the night time but it can cause hurdles while cooking in the daytime too. Don’t fall prey to the unexpectedness and invest in a portable generator today.

While you can simply visit the market and purchase the first generator you come across, however, it is best you choose one according to your needs. Choosing the correct portable generator depends on a number of factors, needless to say, the purpose you need it for, its size, durability, model, brand and everything else play a vital role. Check out the amazing generator for sale these days and make the most of it.

Appliance Wattage Matters

Before you eye a generator, do your basic homework. If you need a generator for your house, start calculating the power needs in watts. For example, your lights could use between 60 to 500 watts while your electric heater could use 1500 watts. Once you have calculated and summed up the total watts, you can then decide the size of the generator you require.

Stationary or Portable?

Another question you might want to ask is whether you need a portable generator or a stationary generator. Both have their pros and cons.
While a portable generator can be taken to camping trips, your friend’s backyard BBQ party, etc, on the other hand, a stand by generator’s downside is that it is not portable.
While a stand by the generator will directly turn on if the electricity goes, the portable generator will have to switch on manually. Stationary generators can handle heavy duty appliances and are quieter. Portable generators can be carried anywhere while they can be stored even in cramped up places. Nonetheless, both the styles require generator service from time to time.
Before opting for the right one, know the true reasons you need a generator for.

Should it have Wheels?

Well, that entirely depends on you. Wheeled generators might be priced higher, and for good reason too. Since some generators are heavier, it is best that they come with wheels. While you can drag the generator in and out of your garage, handling a big sized generator without wheels alone can become troublesome. If you need a stationary generator for your office or home, it is fine if it does not have wheels.

Alternate Fuel storage Capacity

Some generators run only on gasoline. This might result in a problem when you are camping in the mountains and when you run out of gasoline. That is why checking the fuel capacity matters. If you think you only need a generator once in a blue moon, a small one with a small fuel storage tank will do. However, if you face electricity issues often and need a backup generator, you might want to invest in a generator which has a bigger fuel tank.

Check out the generator for sale. It might be the right option!