Recycle Pumpkins Into Treats & Gifts

Don’t let all your Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkins, gourds and squashes go to waste after Halloween. There are many ways to recycle them.

Recycle Pumpkins

Things You Will Need:

Pumpkins, Squash, Gourds Leftover Candles Empty Coffee Can Canning, Freezing, Baking Supplies

Start a new family tradition by recycling your pumpkins at a local farm.  Check in your local area and find a farm that will allow you and your children to visit and feed their goats, cows, pigs and other livestock delicious pumpkins. It’s a fun way to share a couple hours with the kids and the livestock get a healthy snack in return.  Be sure to remove all candles and candle wax from the pumpkins before you go to the farm.

Save the pumpkin seeds and try growing them next year. Just remove the seeds from your pumpkin and wash them in a colander. Drain well. Place a layer of waxed paper on a cookie sheet. Then, lay your pumpkin seeds out on the waxed paper and allow them to dry. A few times each week, mix up the pumpkin seeds so they get turned. This allows them to dry on both sides. Spread them out in a single layer after mixing. When the seeds are completely dry, put them in a canning jar or plastic zip-lock bag. Store them in a dry, dark area until time to replant in the spring.

You can also bake your pumpkin seeds into a healthy treat. Try this Toasted Pumpkin Seed Recipe.

Birds love pumpkin seeds, especially larger birds. Attract interesting bird varieties to your bird feeders by mixing some pumpkin seeds in with their regular seed. You can also make a special bird treat using the seeds. Dry your pumpkin seeds and then go to this link for Pumpkin Seed Bird Treat Recipe.


Bake your pumpkin into pies, breads and cookies. There’s no comparison to homemade pumpkin pies made with fresh pumpkins—the canned pumpkin never tastes as good as this fresh Pumpkin Bread Recipe.

To cook pumpkin, you simply cut it up and place it in a pot with a little water. Boil it slowly until the pumpkin is soft, stir it up and use it in your favorite pumpkin recipes.

You may also can or freeze your pumpkins to use for pies and other recipes later. Instead of baking right away you can pack the cooked pumpkin into sturdy containers and freeze it. This way you will have wonderful tasting pies for Thanksgiving.

Make Pumpkin Pickles and give away as Christmas gifts or share with your guests at your Thanksgiving supper. Pumpkin Pickles Recipe.

Bring fall indoors by spreading a little Pumpkin-Orange Jam on your morning toast or bagel. Absolutely delicious and it also makes a wonderful Christmas gift for friends and family. Pumpkin-Orange Jam Recipe or Pumpkin Butter Recipe.

If you carved and lit your pumpkin with a candle, you can even recycle the leftover wax. Gather all the melted candle wax and rinse it off with water. Let dry.

You can use the melted wax to make really great fire-starters. You can use them yourself or add a few Christmas sparkles and give them away as Christmas gifts. These really work great. Follow the link to learn how to make Recycled Candle Fire Starters.

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If nothing more, be sure to recycle pumpkins by tossing them into your compost pile. They add wonderful nutrients to your compost for next year’s gardening season. Recycling never tasted so good.

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