Riding Mowers and Tractors Right for You?

A lawn tractor is basically a riding lawn mower that has its engine located on the front unlike other riding mowers that have their engine in the back or middle. These tractors can make wider turns as compared to zero turn radius riding mowers, and have a relatively powerful engine, that makes it easy to navigate through and over various landscapes.


Depending on the size of your land, you will have to choose your tractor, as the effectiveness of the mower will rely on whether its size is proportional to that of the yard, among other features. These tractors come in different size and shapes, with a powerful engine, designed for maximum efficiency, therefore no matter what the task is they will accomplish it with finesse as this is exactly what they are intended for.

For this reason, there is a range of riding mowers tractor to suit your needs, for instance, a one to one and a half acres property can be cost effectively taken care of with a lawn mower with a 15 HP engine and a cutting deck of 42 inches, but for a landscape larger than that, say about 2 acres, a lawn tractor with a much more potent engine and cutting width of 46 inches would be the best option. Then there are tractors equipped with even higher powered engine for lands up to 3 acres or more.

Other than the basic aspect of being able to get a proper sized and powered mower, for efficient and quick mowing, these tractors can carry out many more jobs than simply cutting your grass, such as basic gardening tasks; like bagging, mulching, and rolling. They can also carry out heavy duty and ground engaging tasks like, tilling, splitting wood and towing weighty loads.

Furthermore, you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth not just because you’ll have a neat and tidy lawn in the spring, summer, and fall, but in the winter too. Though you may not need to cut grass in this barren land season, you definitely need to shovel snow and spread sand or salt to be able to get in and out of your house easily. This is where riding mowers tractors come in handy without a green patch in sight. Basically just as you can attach other accessories for garden maintenance onto your tractor you an connect a snow blower or plow blade on a higher powered engine for a clear driveway, other than this you can use a tilt trailer for spreading gravel or sand on slippery walkways.

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Lastly these tractors are manufactured with safety of the operator in mind; they are also made of materials that provide strength as well as durability to the unit.

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