Spindle Sander Reviews – Everything There Is To Know About Spindle Sander Tool

A spindle sander was once found mounted on a large worktable, but modern versions can be carried from place to place, or even used is a manner similar to a detail sander. They are used for sanding the edges of circular patterns or other shapes. Where the ordinary spindle is a stationary tube or rod, an oscillating spindle sander moves the tube and down in a regular motion as you sand, which helps to remove dust and grit and provides more even performance.

Jet Spindle Sanders

One of the best known is the Jet spindle sander, which uses a variety of sanding tubes to aid in performing different sanding tasks. But be prepared to pay for the superb quality of the Jet name, as they tend to be priced among the higher-end models. If nothing but the very best will do for your projects, this may be the model you are looking for.

Ridgid Spindle Sanders

The Ridgid spindle sander is a popular model. It features a large, stable table, similar to the top of a table saw, which provides a level surface for moving about large, unevenly shaped pieces. And of course being backed by the Ridgid name means it is engineered for high production usage. Being portable makes the brand even more attractive, as it can be transported to a job site instead of bringing the job back to your shop.

Porter Cable Spindle Sanders

One of the right sanders for your purpose is the Porter Cable spindle sander. The company offers an oscillating spindle sander that is priced comparably to stationary spindles, but outperforms the stationary models for almost every application. In hand-held power tools, Porter Cable is among the top-selling brands on the market, and the company’s tools are built for high-production environments.

Ryobi Spindle Sanders

Another model recognized for its quality and high durability is the Ryobi spindle sander. Ryobi has been a market leader in sander, grinders and other hand-held cutting tools for many years, and their oscillating spindle sander is a good example of why the company’s name is such a common sight on construction jobs.

Grizzly Sanders

One of the more innovative makers of spindle sanders, the grizzly spindle sander is available in stationary and oscillating table models, plus an assortment of other models, including an ingenious modified belt sander that can be used for many spindle sander operations. Built for the home do-it-yourself enthusiast, Grizzly products are built to be useful without taking up your entire workshop.

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