Swamp Cooler Motor Repair Guide

When you have the tools for the job, and a good set of instructions, you can repair your swamp cooler motor on your own. There are some issues that are common to swamp cooler motors, but there are fixes for these too.


Items Needed:

  • belt (if necessary)
  • wrench
  • water pump (if necessary)
  • asphalt based sealant
  • wet vacuum

The top priority would be to locate leaks that may be around the motor.


First: Pan

The first thing to do is to dump your catch pan. After you have done this, then use the wet vacuum to get the rest of it out. Make sure it is dry before you begin the next part.


Second: Seal

This is the time for you to find any leaks that there might be and get them sealed up. To do this, you will use the sealant that is asphalt based. Make sure that you use a generous application of the sealant. If you neglect to apply more than adequate sealant, the area may leak again. After dealing with the leaks, it will be time to take a look at the belt.


Third: Inspection

Check the belt over for any areas that have splits or cracks in them. If these are not there, then you are fine. If they are there, then you need to replace the belt.


Fourth: Old Belt

Use your wrench to get the motor mounts loose so that you can get the belt off easily. Now, remove the belt and take it with you to find the right new one.


Fifth: New Belt

Put the new belt on in the same manner that you took the old one off. Be sure that it is snug fitting before you tighten everything back down. After you have it on their snugly, you will tighten the belt and the mounts so that it is held properly in place. Now that you have taken care of the leaks and the belt, it is time to look at the water pump.

Sixth: Hot Air

If your issue with the swamp cooler motor is the hot air that it is always blowing, then you may need to look more closely at your water pump. Turn it to the lowest setting that it has and see if you are still getting hot air from it. If yes, then go to the next step.


Seventh: Off

Make sure that you turn the water pump off then take it out. Disconnect all hoses to it too.


Eighth: Testing

Put the water pump in water and then turn it on again. If it begins to run properly, then you are more than likely experiencing a problem that is due to some type of clog. Clean out the lines and hoses.

If your water pump still will not run, then you are going to need to replace it. This is just the same as with the belt. Take it with you to buy the new pump, then put it in like you took the other one out.

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