Organic Fertilizer, Compost – Danger in the Vegetable Garden Vol 2

Garden Tools – Dangerous Instruments that Maim or a Gardener’s Best Friend?

Hello my wonderful gardening chums, it’s Beatrix Potts your, “Organic Gardening Maven.” As I promised you in the last article in this humble effort we’ll take a look at gardening tools. You may be saying, “My dear Beatrix is a well known fact that gardeners require tools.” And to that we say, of course, and just as you would never use a pitchfork to move a guest from the living room to the dining room neither would we ever want to eviscerate all of the wonderful little beasties in our organic gardening compost and cause them harm or grief.

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So, on with the show. As you undoubtedly know by now, having read our other articles, your organic compost is full of living microorganisms, nematodes, insects and the ‘most uncommon earthworm,’ these are the little beasties that turn our vegetable matter into the life-giving nutrients of the garden, organic compost.

Beatrix prefers to refer to the worms in our garden as, ‘most uncommon.’ Our wonderful friends, the earthworms in our garden, are the very essence of organic gardening compost machines, and for that reason we refer to them as being ‘most uncommon.’

Beatrix would be remiss if she didn’t mention to you that you will need a shovel or a pitchfork in order to turn your organic compost. The object of turning your compost is to provide both moisture and ventilation, air, both of those will be feeding and nourishing the microorganisms that produce your compost. One of the most important things turning your organic compost does is carries the moisture and additional nutrients to the microorganisms and that allows them to not only thrive but to madly procreate.

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(Beatrix blushes to mention procreation and asks you to refrain from allowing any young children in your care or household to read this paragraph.)

Unfortunately dear reader this is the point at which Mrs. Beatrix Potts finds that she must become a little bit stern. Many organic vegetable gardeners feel it necessary to ‘stab’ at their compost when turning it. We urge you to think about this for a moment and in the most emphatic way ask you to refrain from doing this. Here is our reasoning, your compost is full of billions of little living beasties, not the least of which is the garden worm. When you stab at your compost with either a shovel, spade, or pitchfork you run the risk of decapitating or possibly severing at the midsection some of those wonderful little creatures that will be turning all of this vegetable matter into our most precious organic gardening fertilizer.

Look for a place where you feel that these microorganisms and, the uncommon earthworm are going to not only be happy but to thrive and put forth an excellent effort digesting the organic material that you feed them. These creatures, the little beasties, will quite literally provide the nutrients that are going to feed the wonderful vegetables in your organic vegetable garden.

Be kind to microorganisms, insects, and the uncommon earthworm because these are the very creatures that will provide you with, as Mr. Melvin Potts is wont to say, “The very life’s blood of your organic vegetable garden.”

(Note gentle reader that if you perchance missed Vol.1 of this series of articles you must search using the title of this article and substitute the number 1 for the number 2. We do so hope that you will avail yourself of this series in the proper order.)

Well, your faithful servant and gardening buddy, Beatrix Potter the “Organic Gardening Maven” has, unfortunately run out of space, much to your chagrin. In the next volume of danger in the vegetable garden we will be taking a look at, ” The Danger that is the Manure Controversy.”

Until next time I wish you, “Happy Gardening.” Your faithful servant and gardening buddy, Beatrix Potts.

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