Women Shaved Head

Why Even Women Sometimes Opt for a Shaved Head

If you think that head shaving is only for men, you may be terribly wrong. Lately, we see a lot of women with shaved heads in television and other media and even in some fashion circles (Kanye West’s ex girlfriend).

Nowadays, in most parts of the world, women head shaving is not considered a taboo or ‘freak’ thing in society. However, if a woman makes up her mind to shave her head, she should have the ability to carry herself with confidence; otherwise, it can become a big fashion blunder. This is a major reason why many women do not attempt it, although it can be a very liberating and powerful feeling.

So, what prompts women to shave their heads and how on earth can women gather up the courage to get rid of their long beautiful hair? Actually, there are a number of reasons for this trend.

Convenience is one of the key factors responsible for this growing trend head shaving on women. Very short hair or fully shaved heads are much easier to maintain than a head full of long hair. Since long hair is prone to damage due to split ends, hair experts often advise women to shave their heads completely at least once a year. This simple strategy not only gets them rid of weak and messy hair, but the re-grown hair has much better texture and is much stronger than the current hair.

There are large numbers of hair and scalp problems that women can get rid of by just shaving their heads. For instance; many women often complain about dandruff and scalp itching. They can effectively deal with these problems by regularly shaving off their hair completely or by keeping very short hair. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about hot and humid weather as your scalp can breathe more efficiently without long hair.

Additionally, women who shave their head usually do so for career advancement, particularly in regards to roles in tv and movies. Many roles require women to appear more aggressive or cutting edge, and nothing says that more than a shaved head! In fact, women with shaved heads can just come off way more confident than women who waste a lot of time keeping and maintaining their hair.

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